The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Welcoming our one solo missionary

We would like to welcome Elder Arguello with us here in the mission.
He arrived solo yesterday afternoon coming in from Argentina.
We are thrilled his visa finally arrived allowing him to travel here to Mexico.
Welcome welcome!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our new missionary's first full day of training!

It's been a wonderful day of training.
We love these new missionaries already!
We can feel their spirit and excitement to begin this marvelous work.
They stayed with us all day long and were engaged and prepared for all that we taught them.
What a delight it has been today.

Here are some highlights from our day together !
We began this morning in the mission home with a big breakfast and introductions.  I told them I was going to take a quick picture before we started our training, and they all raced to their bags, to grab their Books of Mormon for the picture.  Don't they look fabulous!!!

I began our training by introducing missionary apartments,
missionary health, their daily missionary schedule, 
and learning English.  We are encouraging every 
missionary who does not speak English
to set specific goals here in the mission to learn all 
they can while they are here and have the resources
and help to learn to speak the English language.

There is much to focus on and prepare for. 

A quick peek in on President Clayton
as he gets ready to interview these
new missionaries for the first time.  

One more picture at the mission home.

On our way to the Union Building by the Temple.

They started so wide awake, and our
40 minute drive lulled them into a 
quick nap.  Good for them!

President Clayton greeting the trainers and office staff,
who have been waiting for us to arrive.

Pizza for lunch

All the various ways to eat fruit by the roll!

We love these office Elders!
We could not do all we do without 
their help!

Ready for the training to continue

President Clayton's teaching-
The three pillars of this mission
*We teach the Doctrine of Christ 
by teaching repentance unto baptism

Elder Hutching's financial training 

The assistants training on
security, traveling to and from areas, 
answering the phone correctly,
dignified missionary behavior 
 and many, many other things.

Getting ready to meet their trainers!
Here are our fabulous trainers
ready and prepared.

And here are our new missionaries 
anxious to meet their first companions.

The wait is over!!
All is well! :)

We headed outside to take some pictures
by the Temple

looks like I'm leading the choir :)

Here is a closer look at these new companionship's

Trainer Elder Sime with Elder Vargas

Elder Gomez with trainer Elder Martinez

Elder Sevilla with trainer Elder Pacheco


Elder Shehee with trainer Elder Martinez

Trainer Elder Sanchez with Elder Ascencio

Elder Scoville with trainer Elder Powley

Final two pictures before we sent them 
on their way.

We love our missionaries!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcoming in our six new missionaries!

What a beautiful day it is here in Guadalajara to welcome our six newest missionaries!  We will be receiving one additional Elder on Wednesday coming in from Argentina now that his visa has finally arrived.

Let us introduce these six new missionaries joining us today.
Coming straight out of the airport doors

From left to right
Elder Ascencio from Peru 
     Elder Vargas from Costa Rica
Elder Gomez from Boliva
Elder Sevilla from Mexico
Elder Shehee from Florida
        Elder  Scoville from Las Vegas 

A quick picture outside the airport doors.

Inside the airport van

A warm welcome by President Clayton

A quick muffin and juice - taking a break 
outside for a few minutes.

After a short introduction from the assistants,
and handing them their initial materials
for their first day,
here we are on the steps of 
the Guadalajara Temple ...
holding our most powerful message,
The Book of Mormon in our hands...
in the four finger power hold.

Here are our fabulous seasoned missionaries
ready to spend the day with our newest missionaries.

And here are our six newest missionaries
excited to meet their companions for 
their first day in the mission.

Here they are, ready to head out for 
their first day in the mission. 

We begin our first full day of training tomorrow!
More to come!

Baptisms from the past two weeks

*** Please note that not all missionaries baptizing here in the mission send their pictures into the office for me to add to the blog.

Bautismo de Sergio

Sergio Tellez was a reference we received from Sister Michel, shown in the photo. He is from Michoacan but began to lose his sight and moved here for treatment. He lost his sight a few years ago, but is still working hard in what he can.
He was not expecting us when we visited him the first time, but he strongly felt the Spirit and accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson. He began to grow in faith with every visit. He is very happy to be a member of the church, something that he says to the members is “I want to continue in this happiness.”

Elder Guerreiro, Elder Hutchings & Elder Taylor

Sergio Tellez fue una referencia de hermana Michel quien está en la foto. Él es de Michoacan pero empezó a perder su vista y vino aquí por tratamiento. Él perdió su vista hace unos años atrás, pero todavía estaba echando muchas ganas en la vida.
Él no estaba esperándonos cuando pasamos por la primera vez pero sintió un espíritu muy fuerte y aceptó una fecha bautismal en la primera lección, y empezó a crecer en su fe con cada visita. Él está muy contento siendo un miembro de la iglesia, algo que él dice a los miembros es que “quiere seguir en esta felicidad.”


The week of 3-20-17

Gerardo´s Baptism
Brother Gerardo is the husband of a Sister in our ward and has been investigating the church for a few years. We began the process of teaching him anew. With time, he began to change for his own desires with sincere intent. His twins, who are eight, waited so that they could be baptized that together. It was a joyous day and a beginning for which the family has awaited much time.  

Hermana Osumi y Hermana Ramirez

El hermano Gerardo es el esposo de una hermana en nuestro barrio y ha sido investigador por algunos años. Aun así iniciamos nuevamente el proceso de su enseñanza. Con tiempo, él empezó a cambiar por su propia cuenta y con deseos sinceros. Sus hijos gemelos de 8 años le esperaron para que se pudieran bautizar juntos este día. Fue un día gozoso y un inicio que toda la familia ha esperado por mucho tiempo.