The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

All day training 5-15-18

We have had a wonderful day of training with our five new missionaries.
There is much to learn and today has been a perfect day together!
Here are our five new missionaries as we met this morning in the
mission home to begin our training.

With the sisters...

President Clayton with Elder Heredia

Getting ready for our breakfast together.

President Clayton introducing our mission map.

I began our training by going over:
*our missionary daily schedule
*our missionary apartments
*our missionary health
*learning English here in the mission

Elder Cluff and Elder Velazquez introducing 
learning English and setting goals to
accomplish that.

Another picture here at the mission home
before we left for the church by the Temple.

President Clayton's introduction of 
the four key indicators 
and the three pillars of our mission:

Elder Anderson going over mission finances

I went over
*Mission materials and supplies
*Elevating our thoughts cards
I introduced our elevating our thoughts cards..
small, pocket sized cards where our missionaries
can write their own, ten personal uplifting
and inspirational ideas and thoughts to inspire
and help direct their thoughts when they wander
or when they become distracted.
Our Elders keep them in their front shirt
pocket, our sisters in their planners...
for easy and quick access. :)

Meeting their trainers!
Here are our seasoned and prepared trainers!

And here are our excited and anxious
 new missionaries!

The wait is over!

Trainer Sister Lindsay with Sister Paredes

Trainer Sister Beriguete with Sister Juarez

Trainer Sister Montiel with Sister Moreno

Trainer Sister Benavidez with Sister Gutierrez

Trainer Elder Novak with Elder Heredia

President Clayton’s closing remarks
Doctrine and Covenants 80:3
Wherefore, go ye and preach my gospel,  
whether to the north or to the south, to the east
or to the west, it mattereth not,
for ye cannot go amiss.

One final picture again of our five fabulous
new missionaries!
Welcome, Welcome!

A few miscellaneous things, but mostly thanking our office Elders!

President Clayton and I are so grateful for our office staff and our assistants who do a multitude of extra things to help keep this mission running efficiently and effectively.
We are so grateful!

Transfer meeting with the assistants

Waiting at the airport for new missionaries to arrive

I am grateful for the countless hours Elder Martindale
and Elder Anderson put into helping me submit this
years mission history.  They also helped me add color
photos and bind our two previous years.

Elder Anderson with receipts to go through

Elder Martindale delivering materials

Elder Moreno and Elder Torres
with missionary bedding to pass out,
and our new missionary's luggage
labeled and watched over during our 
all day training.

Elder Sevilla gathers and secures all visas and passports

Our office Elders help with countless miscellaneous
things every time we meet for our training, and conferences.
They plan and organize the lunches, deliver the mail,
keep our zone leaders well supplied with mission
material. They take care of all missionary apartment issues, 
mission finances, visas, certificates and letters, flight tickets 
to return home, arranging for and administering English
 tests at the completion of the mission, referrals.. on and on.
They also carry most effectively, their own proselyting areas.
We are so grateful for each of them.
They are organized, detailed, disciplined
and effective... and we appreciate them!!

We had a thank you lunch for them this past week
as Elder Moreno will be training his new replacement
and leaving the office in the coming weeks.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Greeting five new missionaires! 5-14-18

What a joy it was this morning to welcome our five newest missionaries!
We are always so taken with how happy and excited they are as they come through those airport doors!  They just glow! Their smile is so bright! And we feel an immediate love for them.  It is a gift, I am sure from our Father in Heaven.
They are safely here! And we are thrilled to welcome them!  We have a wonderful day planned for their first day in the mission.
We begin our all day training tomorrow.
Welcome, welcome!

Here they come!

Outside the airport doors!

With all their luggage.

Waiting for an airport taxi.

We loaded their luggage and came to the Union building
by the Guadalajara Temple to welcome them officially
and introduce them to the mission.


President Clayton's welcome

Introducing them to carrying the Book of Mormon
in their hands all day every day here in the mission!

And here we are on the steps of the Guadalajara
Temple... holding our most important and powerful tool...
The Book of Mormon!!

#we love our missionaries!