The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

the little family we met in Guzman, and the man who wandered into the church courtyard, asking if we could pray with him.

We had a sweet experience  here in Guzman, 
We woke up Saturday morning and went on an early morning walk just around our hotel area.  We met a man and his family, his wife and young son.  Actually, we were walking past this man's wood shop on the way back to our hotel.  He makes beautiful tables and shelves and little rocking horses.  He is a craftsman.  You can tell he is very gifted.  His shop was so so small, and stacked high with head boards for beds, shelves, tables, and little wooden hooks and corner shelf pieces etc.  They had stacks and stacks of wood under tarps and a make shift shed in a storage area surrounded with a chain link fence next to his little shop.

We stopped to say hello to their little son, who was adorable.  He was around 5-6 years old, and had a little smudgy face and tuffled hair and was playing with his little puppy  They were so adorable.  The parents came over as we were asking the little boy what his puppy's name was.  We talked with the father and told him we wished he had something a bit smaller shelf wise, and he said, tell me what size you would like, and I can make you a smaller one.  I so wished we could have.  
In fact, I did some serious begging... but it's true we do not have room in our car with the supplies, packages and mail we deliver to the zones as we travel.  We mentioned that we thought his home was most likely full of beautiful wood shelves and things made especially for his family, and he said, no, no, not in my casa.  I need to make and sell all I can to provide for my family.  It just broke our hearts.  (ok,. that's when I started squeezing President's hand)  

  I have had this little family on my mind all day long.  Today, at our adult meeting of our Guzman  District Conference, I talked with the zone leaders, Elder Smedley and Elder Lozano, explaining where his shop was and asked them to go meet them and (convert them) I mean, befriend them and see if we can help them become an eternal family.  
We found out that it is actually the Sisters area. Sister Reynoso and Sister Kubosumi's area.  As we were leaving, we called to let them know where this family's shop was, and bless their hearts the sisters were already out and  looking for them!  As we were calling the sisters, we looked up and there they were right there on the sidewalk by their shop!  We were able to sneak a picture of them greeting them.   

There are just so many situations like this one today that just pull at your heartstrings.  I can hardly stand it.  After our Guzman Zone Conference yesterday, as we were walking out, an older man stumbled into the church courtyard wondering if we could pray with him and telling us that he knew God loved him.  He was not quite sober, and was so sun worn and ragged.  He had a tattered backpack hanging off one shoulder.  His hat was backwards, he was dirty and unshaven and his clothes and shoes were so worn.  His genuine smile as he looked down, revealed his several teeth missing, just pulled at my heart, and something about how he cocked his head and bowed his head reminded me of the stories my mom has told me of my grandma Mendenhall;  as men out of sorts and down on their luck would find their way to her back door with their hat in their hands and their heads low. 
I came outside just in time to see President Clayton and several Elders, not surprisingly, Elder Jimenez surrounding him, Elder Jimenez with his hand on the man's shoulder. President had said, certainly we will pray with you and he asked Elder Jimenez to offer a prayer for this good man. 

 Other Elders ran in to get some food to send him on his way.  Honestly, these Elders are all love.  They saw him out the gate, calling him hermano and wishing him Gods love. That moment is locked in my memory and in my heart.

Here is the little family we met.  We sent the sisters there to make contact with them and 
introduce them to the church.