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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

the impact of Hurricane Patricia here in Mexico

Last week, President Clayton and I traveled
to Tecoman, San Blas, Manzanillo and Vallarta
to see the damage that was done to these areas
in our mission.  Mexico was spared indeed in so 
many respects, but still the violent storm winds 
and rain took it's toll on these areas.
Here are some of the pictures we took as we
drove throughout these areas.
We are grateful beyond measure for the Lord's
 watchful care and protection over us.
Our love and prayers are with those, whose
homes and businesses were damaged, and
who have had much to do to recover and

the beach at Tecoman 

the billboard in shreds 

the banana tree crop, just ruined

below, the whole roof collapsed, and can you see that
huge sign laying in front?

those sweet school children walking right by
the rubble, it seems, taking no thought

the tree collapsed over the electrical wires

it looked like this restaurant was still opened for business

this is a very sad picture to me

our camera accidentally went to 
black and white for a few pictures

President kept saying it looks like a
weed wacker has gone through this area

the violent wind just blew almost every 
leaf off every tree and bush

these industrious folks just got out there and 
cleaned and swept and raked and repaired

can you see the man
cleaning his car?

I love this sweet baby girl, pig tails and sunglasses...
again, in the midst of this rubble

swept up and ready for pick up

I love this picture best of all!
Can you see these two little girls sitting eating 
treats in their doorway, and the dog laying down
in the cool of the shade, amidst the raked and piled
up rubble.  I love these people.