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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Zone Conferences

It is hard to believe that it is time for Zone Conferences again!
We started in Colima with the Colima and Guzman Zones combined.

Such a dynamic group!

just us sisters!

and the Elders with President

Such outstanding Zone Leaders all

Below President Clayton with the
Colima Zone Leaders, Elder Morris and Elder Robledo,
and  Elder Vaifanua, and Elder Sanchez from Guzman

Singing our opening hymn
The Time is Far Spent
(emphasizing with vigor the chorus' of each verse) 
My favorite is the chorus of the third verse :)
Go Forward, Be Faithful, the Promise is Sure!


                                             Such fabulous missionaries every single one of them!

Zone Leaders focus on the 10 points highlighted
in (PMG pg 176-177) as we begin to teach lessons 

Practicing - using what the Zone Leaders taught and presented 


Elder and Sister Perez, such sweethearts.

Just a bit of President Clayton's teaching today

Our Zone Conference with the Manzanillo Zone

 with Zone Leaders Elder Jiminez and Elder McGregor

There are no sisters serving in Manzanillo at this time.

What a great day with these valiant Elders!

Zone Leaders Elder Jimenez and Elder McGregor's presentation 


President's demonstration - Who do we trust?  Who do we have confidence in??

Independencia and Lomas Zone Conferences combined.

With Zone Leaders Elder Alvarado, Elder Gibson from the Lomas Zone,
and Elder Budge and Elder Rodriguez from the Independencia Zone

Elder and Sister Loza who wear several hats.
They are serving a full time mission with the
auto sufficiencia needs, and Elder Loza is
also President Clayton's executive Secretary
for the Districts.  We love these two!

Singing our opening song The Time is Far Spent


President with zone leaders
Elder's Alvarado, Gibson, Rodriguez and Budge.

Such great zone leaders!

leaving on divisions

Next was our Union Zone Conference

I actually love this picture :) hurrah for Israel!

That's right, we're singing it again!  :)

Union Zone Leaders Elder Barrera and Elder Sanchez 


Elder Esperanza was so funny.
It took a long time to get the trust thing going.

Tepic and Santiago Zones

I love this picture.

President with Zone Leaders Elder Manriquez and Elder Salgado
serving in Santiago, and Elder Brough and Elder Palacios in Tepic

And finally our Vallarta Zone Conference

This sweet zone had greeted us with a get well sign
for our grandson Hyrum who is in the hospital
right now.  He is doing better. 

Singing our opening song The Time is Far Spent

President with the Vallarta Zone Leaders 
Eder Fuimaono and Elder Saldana

Me teaching a bit 

Doing practices 

Be jealous, be very jealous. Chili relleno's for comida 

President teaching

Sisters catching that bus, getting back to their areas.