The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Our Branch Conference in Sayula 3-12-17

Today was our Branch Conference in Sayula.  We are thankful for 4 of our missionaries who are serving in Sayula right now. Elder Padron and Elder Crismon, and Hermana Marquez and Hermana Rodriguez.  There were about 85 members and investigators there today for the conference, and I so appreciated Elder Crismon translating for me.
After our meeting, President Clayton and I drove around Sayula. What a pretty little pueblo. The fields were so green and there were lots of cows and horses out and about.
I took some pictures as we drove through the pueblo.
Elder Padron and Elder Crismon standing outside the House of Prayer.

After the meeting, I took a quick picture of the 
congregation for our mission history.

President Clayton with Branch President Reynaldo Contreras
in the center and his first counselor Brother Gonzalo to the left.

President Contreras with his sweet family

I love these two sisters who are so confident
and sure in their teaching. I loved their
Sunday school lesson today.

President and I with these 4 faithful servants of the Lord
serving here in Sayula!

Here are a few pictures as we drove around 
the city center, mostly of the buildings so
typical of these small towns.
I wish now that I would have taken some
pictures of the beautiful green fields and
landscapes on our way home. Rats.

These guys rode right down the street 
in front of the church

ok, I love this sweet grandma just standing on the corner.

I know..

Quite a sad picture.
This sweet old man was lying on 
the steps of the old church.

I had to get that old door..

Little corner shop