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Monday, May 29, 2017

This weeks missionary newsletter

Elder Taylor does such a wonderful job with our weekly newsletter.  I normally do not post these newsletters, as they are for our missionary's eyes.  But this one was so outstanding and colorful, I thought I would share it this week.

Estipac Branch Conference 5-28-17

Today, we had a wonderful Branch Conference in Estipac.  Elder Knight and Elder Rodriguez are serving in Estipac, and Elder Schank and Elder Barlow are serving in nearby Cocula.  We so enjoyed our meetings today, and easily noted what a pure blessing these four Elders are in this small branch.
The Elders told us that they had fasted today, that their 5 investigators would come, and they did.

We watched as this branch welcomed and helped to nourish these new investigators.  The meeting was so enriched by Elder Schank's beautiful music on the piano.  It was a lovely day together.
President and I on our way this morning.

Just a few pictures as we got into Estipac.

Mr busy body running helter-skelter around
the barn yard.

I love these bricks holding this
window together.  

This poor man was absolutely drunk and 
crashed, and asleep in the road.. 

This sweet old guy wasn't phased
by our coming toward him...
He didn't make a move, and we drove 
carefully around him... 

Estipac Branch

President Corona in the center
His first counselor on the left is
Juan Carlos Ramirez
and  President Clayton on the right.

I always love greeting Sister Sanchez.
Her father was the first branch president 
here in Estipac many years ago.

A peek into Primary.. look at these children
 right in their scriptures.  I loved that.

One little sweetheart toddled here and there,
in and out and along the halls.

Gospel essential class was taught today
by these three wonderful Elders.

And Elder Knight translated for me. 
All four did a wonderful job.

We love our missionaries!

Great day!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

May Baptisms!

Baptisms from the last few weeks.


Last Minute Miraclesūüíē
Martha & Marthita
And it came to pass that Sister Arizmendi and Sister Hernandez came up to and began to speak with Martha and Marthita. Saying: Fear not, for behold God has manifested a great wonder. And behold again came the voice saying: Repent ye, Repent ye for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and therefore having found the straight and narrow path which leads to eternal life, yea, having entered in by the gate, having followed the commandments of the Father. They have received the Holy Ghost, who gives testimony of the Father and the Son that the given promises may be fulfilled, that those who receive and enter in the way, arriving to this point by the word of Christ, with unwavering faith in His name, trusting solely on the merits of him that is powerful to save.
Sister Arizmendi and Sister Hernandez

Martha & Marthita
Y ocurri√≥ que Hermana Arizmendi y Hermana Hernandez se adelantaron y empezaron a hablarles, diciendo: no tem√°is, porque he aqu√≠ es Dios que os a manifestado esta maravilla. y he aqu√≠ nuevamente vino la voz diciendo: arrepent√≠os, arrepent√≠os porque el reino de los cielos esta cerca y entonces hall√°ndose en este estrecho y angosto camino que conduce a la vida eterna, si, habiendo entrado por la puerta, habiendo obrado con los mandamientos del Padre, recibieron el Esp√≠ritu Santo quien dio testimonio del Padre y del Hijo para que se cumpliera las promesas hechas por √Čl de que lo recibieran si entraban en la senda, llegando hasta aqu√≠ por la palabra de Cristo con fe inquebrantable en √Čl, confiando √≠ntegramente en los m√©ritos de aquel que es poderoso para salvar.

Sister Esther´s Baptism
Sister Esther is a wonderful sister. She came to know the gospel long ago, when she was thirteen, but was never truly converted. We met her and began to teach her, she knew much and always strove to keep her commitments, because she was determined to follow Jesus Christ. Now, she is seventy-two years old, and has made the decision to be baptized and has the desire to endure to the end that she may one day return to live happily with God and her family.
Hermana Brizuela & Hermana Pérez

Bautismo de Hermana Esther
La Hermanita Esther es una hermana muy buena.
Ella conoci√≥ la iglesia por mucho tiempo desde los 13 a√Īos
siempre le gustó pero no había tenido una conversión verdadera.
Le conocimos y comenzamos con las ense√Īanzas, ella sabia mucho y siempre se esforzaba por cumplir con los compromisos por que estaba dispuesta a seguir a Jesucristo.
Ahora a sus 72 a√Īos finalmente tom√≥ la decisi√≥n de ser Bautizada y tiene el deseo de perseverar hasta el fin y alg√ļn d√≠a regresar con Dios y vivir feliz con su familia.

Sister Veronica´s Baptism
Sister Veronica was a reference we received from a sister. The sister told us that she was catholic and did not believe that she could change, yet as she listened to the lessons her way of thinking began to change. She began to read in the Book of Mormon every day and to preach unto her family. Despite her adversities and losing friends she continued firmly in her desire, and she was baptized. She has received a testimony of the book of Mormon. Now her husband eagerly awaits to be baptized within a month, just as one of her children wishes to be baptized as well. She is an example that when one reads, prays and attends church, they can bring their family together to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Elder De la Rosa and Elder Morales

El Bautismo de la Hermana Ver√≥nica.  
Ella fue una referencia de una hermana, ella nos dijo que era católica y no creía que podía cambiar pero al ir escuchando les lecciones su manera de pensar cambio. Ella empezó a leer cada día el Libro de Mormón empezó a predicarle a su familia, y a pesar de las adversidades y de perder amistades ella siguió firme a su deseo, tomo un bautismo. Ella obtuvo un testimonio del Libro de Mormón, ahora su esposo está ansioso de tomar un bautismo también dentro de un mes, al igual uno de sus hijos desea ser bautizado. Ella es un ejemplo de que el leer, orar y asistir a la capilla, pueden convertir a una familia completa al evangelio de Jesucristo.


Jorge´s Baptism
Jorge was the only one in his family that was not a member of the church. From seeing the example of his family, he had the opportunity to attend an YSA activity. Two days afterwards he said “I will be baptized!” It was very cool to see how the life of a person can change and the wonderful decision he took to be baptized by his brother.
Elder Hudson and Elder Mejia

EL Bautismo de Hermano Jorge
√Čl era el √ļnico de su familia que no era miembro de la iglesia. Viendo el ejemplo de su familia, tuvo la oportunidad de ir a una actividad de los JAS. Dos d√≠as despu√©s de que lleg√≥ dijo “Me Bautiz√≥!” Fue genial como la vida de una persona cambio y la gran dedici√≥n de que su hermano lo bautizar√°.

Mariana Estrada´s Baptism
Mariana came to know the gospel through her boyfriend. She listened to the missionaries for a time and progressed greatly. She decided to be baptized and now is an example for her family that they might be baptized. Her baptism was filed with the Spirit and she is grateful to know the Gospel.
-Elder Valera & Elder Gomez

El Bautismo de Mariana Estrada...

Mariana conocio el evangelio por medio de su novio. Ella escucho a los misioneros por un tiempo y progreso. Ella decidio bautisarse y ahora ella es un ejemplo para su familia para que ella puedan bautisarse. Su bautismo fue espiritual y esta agradecida por conocer el evangelio.

Griselda´s Baptism
Griselda had a desire to be baptized and become clean. During the time of her being taught she learned very quickly and was willing to obey the commandments of the Lord. She wants to strive to be obedient and receive eternal life. Notwithstanding her young age, she is dedicated to attend church every Sunday and renew her covenants to keep herself pure.
Elder Mejia and Elder Mickelson

Bautismo de Griselda 
Ella tuvo el deseo de bautizarse y ser limpia. Durante el transcurso de la ense√Īanza ella aprend√≠a muy r√°pido y esta dispuesta a obedecer los mandamientos del Se√Īor. Quiere esforzarse por ser obediente y ganar la vida eterna. Realmente a su corta edad esta dispuesta a asistir cada domingo y renovar sus convenios para mantenerse pura.

Felipe´s Baptism
Felipe entered his information in the Church´s Webpage requesting visits from the missionaries and a Book of Mormon when he saw the announcement on a Facebook page. Since January he has been being taught. Due to the service of various missionaries and after many trials he could finally be baptized. When he shared his testimony at his baptism he expressed that he was very happy for what he just did and that he really had not thought he would be baptized yet thanks to the persistence of the missionaries he was able to continue feeling the Spirit and keep his commitments!! He had a firm testimony of the Gospel, he knows without a doubt that which he has done is correct and said that in year we will not see him, for he will be on a mission!! We will continue persisting and striving that we may have miracles like Felipe each and every day.
Sister Arcaya and Sister Nu√Īez

Bautismo de Felipe
Felipe subio sus datos a la p√°gina de la Iglesia para que se le visitara y se le obsequiara un Libro de Morm√≥n, √©l vio el anuncio en una pagina de Facebook. Desde Enero se le hab√≠a estado ense√Īando y adem√°s  fue el trabajo de varias misioneras y despu√©s de muchos desaf√≠os el finamente pudo bautizarse. En su testimonio en el servicio bautismal el expreso que se sent√≠a muy feliz por lo que acababa de hacer y que √©l realmente ya no pensaba hacerlo, pero que gracias a la insistencia de las misioneras el pudo seguir sintiendo el Espiritu al cumplir con sus compromisos!! Tiene un testimonio muy firme del Evangelio, sabe sin duda que lo que hizo es lo correcto y dice que en un a√Īo ya no lo veremos por que se ir√° a la Misi√≥n!! Sigamos insistiendo y sigamos esforzandonos por tener todos los d√≠as de nuestra misi√≥n milagros como Felipe.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Colima Stake Conference 5-21-17

We have had another wonderful Stake Conference Weekend with our Colima Stake.
We were blessed to have Area Seventy Elder Larreal as our visiting authority.  He is from Venezuela and President Clayton was so happy to connect with him and visit with him about several mutual acquaintances.

Saturday evening picture

Sunday morning with our Colima Zone missionaries!

With Elder Larreal Sunday morning.

Colima and Guzman Zone Conference

We combined our Colima and Guzman zones for our final zone conferences this time around.
We had an outstanding day together!  These missionaries were prepared to participate.  They brought open hearts and willing spirits.. we had great discussions and teachings.

Opening song in English
Called to Serve

President asked Elder Elmer to assist him in 
his object lesson

President asked him if he had faith in him??    He answered yes.
President Clayton blindfolded him and asked him to turn
around to prepare to fall into his arms.

While he was blindfolded, President asked 4 Elders to quietly come up,
without Elder Elmer hearing them...and help him catch him as he fell
down into what he thought, would be just President Clayton's arms.

He didn't hesitate... he fell right back.

Do we have faith in God?
What has God put in place to help us know
his will, and help us safely stay on course?

Thank you to Elder Christensen for translating for me as
I taught about the role the Holy Ghost plays
in Conversion.

We have asked every missionary to be prepared with
three, three minute talks, and to have them ready
and in their back pockets at all times.
One on
1. Baptism
2. The Holy Ghost
3. The Savior

Today, there was a little treat for those who
were prepared... all were prepared!

Hoy es el dia!
Today was the day we began to hear one or
two of those prepared talks.
President asked Sister Madrid to come up first.

And then Elder Padron

Both did an outstanding job.

Sister Calixto and Sister Lopez
teaching on personal and companionship
studies.. it was fantastic training.

They focused on the 'meat' of the matter.

Then, STL's Sister Barnette and Sister Urbina taught.

Once again, they had companionship's come up and
with one leg tied together, walked demonstrating how
important it is to work together for a common goal.

Elder Castillo and Elder Santiago

Elder Cabrera and Elder Monroy

President Clayton's Remember This Game
Each team had to write out as many bullet points
as they could remember from the last page in PMG
Remember This...

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

and Team #4

Team #1 won!

The Zone Leaders teaching.
Elder Cabrera and Elder Monroy did
a wonderful job teaching about inviting to church,
inviting to keep commitments, inviting to make changes in their lives...
Once again, we must become expert in Inviting!

Zone Leaders Elder Ocampo and Elder Christensen 
also taught the importance of effective inviting.
Great job.  

Elder Cabrera and Elder Monroy 
demonstrating the practices
They did an outstanding job
setting forth the example.


My scripture activity

Breakout session with the sisters

President Clayton's closing remarks

Great day together!