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Monday, June 5, 2017


We have just finished our interviews!

Each of our zone leaders were well prepared and the days went beautifully.
As President Clayton  interviewed each missionary individually, I taught about effective personal study. I focused on how we can improve our personal study of the Book of Mormon by preparing ourselves through prayer, inviting the spirit to accompany us as we read and study, and by opening our minds and hearts to receive revelation and inspiration from heaven on each page.

We are inviting our missionaries to pray specifically, that as they read, study, reflect and ponder, they will be nourished spiritually. We are inviting our missionaries to pray...again specifically that their minds might be open to the things of God, that they will find something very personal on each page that can strengthen, bless, fortify, encourage, uplift and nourish them. We are wanting our missionaries to experiment upon the word of God, and recognize that they each, privately and individually can receive personal revelation specifically and directly for them... on each and every page of this most powerful book, the Book of Mormon.

We talked about promptings, ideas and impressions from the Holy Ghost.  How we can recognize promptings of the Spirit, and how important it is to discipline, ourselves to not only hear and feel them, but to also write these impressions, ideas and feelings down as they come to us, to act on them, and then of course to thank our Heavenly Father for these personal notes from him. 

With great confidence, I promised our missionaries, that as they recognize these promptings and impressions from the Holy Ghost, and write them down, and as they act on these feelings, that they will recognize and receive more and more promptings and 'notes from heaven'. I assured them, that they would come to know, first hand, that our Father in Heaven is available and ready to guide them, help them, rescue them, calm them, and nourish them spiritually, as often as they are humbly prepared to hear His voice. 

****The mission is the great laboratory where we learn, and practice inclining our ear to heaven, and as we learn to attune ourselves upward. This is spiritual work, and we are making great progress !

We then had an activity where each missionary went to various stations in the large hall to give an accounting of the following:

*The Zone Leaders had each companionship bring their area books to be reviewed, showing that their books are updated, and organized and that they are using them effectively.
The zone leaders also received a report from each companionship for their area maps... that they are labeled correctly and are being utilized.

*Each missionary then went to the District Leaders where they recited their missionary purpose, Doctrine and Covenants 4 and the Standard of Truth in Spanish and in English.

*Next each missionary went to the Sister Training Leaders, where they showed them the three, 3-5 minute talks they had prepared, one on baptism, one on the Holy Ghost and one on our Savior, Jesus Christ. Each missionary was tasked to give the STL's one of their prepared talks.

*Each missionary then came over to my corner of the room, and I visited with and received an accounting from them about:

*Their finances.  How wisely they are managing their funds, and living on their missionary budget.

*The lesson outlines from the 5 PMG lessons that must be learned.

*Their language goals. Each missionary, whose first language is not English, is encouraged to consistently and earnestly seek to learn English here in the mission, by working in their English study books 1, 2 and 3. They are encouraged to learn new words daily, learn to pray in English, bear their testimony in English, and politely greeting others in the English language.

*Each missionary must carry an Elevating Your Thoughts card with them every day, all day.
Each Elder must have a pocket sized card in his shirt pocket and each sister must have a pocket size card in their planner that is readily and easily accessible with 10 uplifting and edifying thoughts listed, available and ready to pull out and focus on when they are feeling distracted, when they see or hear inappropriate things to help them elevate and refocus their minds back where they should be focused on here in the mission.

*Are they waking up on time?

*Are they exercising for a full 30 minutes each morning?

It was a lot to account for. We are very pleased that our missionaries are on task.  And... where they needed to improve, they set a new goal right then and there, with a date to work toward completion, recommitting to give their very best efforts each day, all day.  

Our missionaries are seeking to live obediently and faithfully.  We are proud of them! 

Here are our missionaries with the various materials they brought to each station and with their accounting sheet they were asked to get checked and initialed at each station… :)
#We love our missionaries!!!

                                                               Vallarta Zone

Independencia Zone 

Lomas Zone 

Nayarit Zone (day 1) 

Nayarit Zone (day 2) 

Manzanillo Zone

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