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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another fabulous district idea strengthens the entire zone!

During one of our district classes we had the idea to have an activity in the fair in Santiago, Ixcuintla. The results were great, so we did it in another area as well. Since we had great results we decided to do it through the whole zone in the areas that the district leaders had asked for help. It consisted of a table with our poster “Meet the Mormons”, pamphlets, Books of mormon, and pineapple water. Yes, it sounds like something that lots of Districts have done, but we tried to share it within the entire zone, unifying the districts.
We received references for every area.

Durante una clase de distrito tuvimos la idea de hacer una actividad en la feria de Santiago Ixcuintla, resultó bastante bien, así que hicimos lo mismo en otra área. Y como daba bueno resultados decidimos llevarlo por toda la zona a las áreas que los líderes de distrito pidieron ayuda. Consistió en una mesa con el cartel "Conozca a los Mormones", folletos, Libros de Mormón, y agua de Piña. Sí, suena como algo que se han hecho muchos distritos, pero tratamos de llevarlo por la zona unificando los distritos.
Recibimos referencias para cada área.  

Baptisms for the week of 6-19-17

Welcome welcome to the newest members of the Lords true church here on earth!


Baptism of Julio
Julio is a really smart kid, he has given his attention to learning more about the Gospel. He challenged himself to memorize all the lessons, and he accomplished it. He is very self-sufficient in learning about the gospel, and he wants to continue doing so as he endures to the end.
Elder Angulo y Elder Manuirirangui

Bautismo de Julio

Julio es un joven muy inteligente, él ha prestado toda su atención en aprender más del evangelio. Aprenderse todas las lecciones de memoria para poder bautizarse fue su gran reto, pero lo logró. Él es muy autosuficiente en el aprendizaje del evangelio y quiere seguir adelante perseverando hasta el fin.


Baptism of Marta
Marta is very converted to the gospel, and her desire to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being fulfilled. She desires to follow the example of Jesus Christ more and more with all of her heart, she desires to make more covenants with the Lord. She is anxious to learn more. She accomplished her dream to be baptized in the true church and now she is preparing for what comes next.
Elder Angulo and Elder Manuirirangi, Elder Dehesa and Elder Scoville

Bautismo de Marta
Ella es Marta y es una convertida al evangelio y sus deseos de seguir el evangelio de Jesucristo se está cumpliendo, ella desea seguir cada vez más con íntegro propósito de corazón el ejemplo de Jesucristo y desea cada vez más hacer convenios con el señor, ella espera saber más y conocer más de lo que ya sabe. Su sueño de su bautismo en la iglesia verdadera se cumplió​ y ahora solo se prepara para lo que viene.


Baptism of Victor
This is Victor, an investigator, when he saw the Temple for the first time it called his attention, and the security guard for the Temple showed him around. He gave his address and we passed by and started to teach him. He has a grand testimony of the Temple, and he desires to enter so that he can be sealed with his wife that has passed away. He said at his baptism, “this is being born again, I want to enter the Temple when I finish one year as a member”.
SIster Cordova and Sister Hernandez and Sister Rojas

Baptismo de Victor
Este es Victor un investigador que cuando vio el Templo por la primera vez le llamo la atención y el guardia lo llevo a conocerlo. Dio su dirección y comenzamos a enseñarle. Él tiene un gran testimonio del Templo, desea sellarse con su esposa que ya falleció. Dijo en su bautismo “esto es volver a nacer y quiero cumplir un año para entrar al Templo”.


Baptism of Ezequiel and Rosa
They have  both been references of their family for years. They have been invited by their family but they did not have enough interest to motivate them to accept the invitation.  By teaching them, and with the right type of support, they felt the desire and they were baptised on the same day as one of their grandkids.  They are really cool and they know that the church of Jesus Christ is true.
Elder Gaona and Elder Flores

Bautismo de Ezequiel y Rosa
Referencias de su familia por años. Ellos han sido invitados por su familia pero no habían tenido el interés necesario al motivarles. Al enseñarles y hermanarlos correctamente ellos sintieron el deseo y junto con un nieto se bautizaron. Son bien chidos y saben que la iglesia es verdadera.


Baptism of Hanna Cervantes
She is a daughter of two less active members. She had begged her Dad to let her be baptized for two years, and her father miraculously had a change of heart. She is really happy and wants to serve a mission.  2 Nephi 31:10
Sister Torres and Sister Guerreo

Bautismo de Hanna Cervantes
Ella es hija de padres inactivos. Ella había rogado a su Papa que le deje bautizar por dos años y el papa milagrosamente cambio su corazón. Ella está muy feliz y desea salir a una misión
2 NEFI 31:10

Monday, June 19, 2017

Union Stake Conference 6-18-17

Fathers Day!!
What an outstanding Stake conference we had this morning with our Union Stake.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Leadership Training 6-15-17

What a wonderful day we have had with our leaders here in the mission!
Here we are with our mission wide district, zone and sister training leaders!
ok... I love all three of these pictures, and couldn't decide which one to
 put on the blog, so I put all three on. :)

Getting started.
This is my favorite picture of the day!
Just look at this army of valiant leaders!

President Clayton's teaching -
*Characteristics of leaders of God
*Responsibilities, duties, and accountability
*Training and teaching
*Inviting to act
*Listening and encouraging trust
*Our example as leaders

President's game

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

Team #4

President demonstrated how to tie a bowline knot
to each team's leader.  They were to go back and
demonstrate how to tie it, and then each team's
members individually raced to tie the knot correctly.

President first demonstrated the knot

He did it again

He watched each team leader tie the knot

He watched them tie it again

and again.

The team leaders went back to demonstrate 
how to tie the knot, again and again.

they all watched carefully

Then, each team member tied the knot

The team whose members all tied the knot
correctly, the quickest was Team # 2 !

We must teach truths, patterns, expectations,
rules, and procedures over and over again.
***The work of a leader***

Then, I taught about divisions

*How do we prepare to go on divisions?
*Leading out in righteousness
*Edifying and strengthening as leaders

Sister Sandoval and Sister Nunez 
demonstrating division evaluations.

Tamales for lunch, with a treat afterwards!

President's second game. 
How well do we listen?

President told the team leaders a phrase.
They each went back to their groups and repeated carefully
in the ear of the first team member, what 
they had heard.  Each team member then, had
to pass along the phrase, exactly how they heard it,
 until the last team member came up front
 and repeated to everyone the phrase.
How carefully did each team listen?
How important is it that we listen.... carefully?

The sister training leaders shared an impression 
from the mission handbook that had 
strengthened them in their work.

Our Assistants Elder Contreras and Elder Torres 
*We are the light of the world
The light doesn't come from us,
 it comes from Jesus Christ.  
*We must be great examples in Him,
and then we can light others.

*1 Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; 
but be thou an example of the believers, in word,
 in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
*If we do these things, we will be 
worthy to share His light.

Peter became the Savior's great disciple only after he 
learned to love the Lord. 

President Clayton testimony
This is a work of miracles
Give thanks for every miracle we 
witness and are a part of.