The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Monday, October 16, 2017

We welcome two new missionaries to the mission!!! 10-16-17

Today we welcomed two new
missionaries to the mission!
Elder Caceres joins us from the Dominican Republic,
and Elder Torres is coming from Ecuador.
Here they are coming through those airport doors!

We greeted them at the mission home.

Elder Caceres

Elder Torres

We sent them back to the mission office with
just a little something sweet!
They will meet their new trainers, and
begin their training tomorrow.
Welcome, Welcome!

Manzanillo District Conference. 10-14/15-17

What a wonderful District Conference we have had this past weekend!
(I realize that I use the word ‘wonderful’ in every single post... what can I say??)
We took a quick picture after the Saturday evening session with our
fabulous Manzanillo Zone missionaries.

President Clayton gathered the missionaries
around him to love and encourage them.

And we took several other pictures after our Sunday Session.
(of course)

We sure love President and Sister Castaneda,
President Clayton's Mission Presidency counselor. 

...lovely weekend together. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

October Mission Council 10-12-17

We have had an outstanding day of training and council with our mission council.
It was a gorgeous day to begin with a picture on the steps of our Guadalajara Temple.

President began his teaching by focusing on
4 specific things-
Each missionary's-

*Knowledge of the Gospel
*Technical Capacity
*Faith and Desire

*Having sins that are not confessed will hamper the work.  
We cannot have the spirit with us if we are not worthy.

*Understanding the doctrine well enough to teach it.
 Learning to be an effective teacher is paramount.

*Learning to talk and communicate with people.
We must learn to express ourselves,
We must learn to organize our thoughts and our time.
We must learn how to create lessons of interest,
and constantly seeking to improve.

*What is our true desire for the mission?
How deeply rooted is our faith in Jesus Christ?

The 8 Fundamentals overview:
1. The Doctrine of Christ - The Missionary Purpose
2. The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion
3. Revelation through Prayer
4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon
5. Revelation through Church Attendance
6. Teach People, Not Lessons
7. We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up
8. How to Begin Teaching

Discussion points:
*Inviting, persuading, extending
*What is our purpose? (let's be very clear)
* The spirit is always the teacher
*How are we praying?  
*How many times a day are we praying?
*How specifically are we praying?

*4 Key indicators
*Standard of Excellence (each week)
*Culture of the Mission

Alma 21 -Aaron - faithful missionary - excellent pattern

My teaching:
Give me this mountain!!
Highlights from Numbers 13-14, Joshua 14:12-13, 1:9
How can we liken this story to us here in the mission?  
Yes, our areas, our cities and pueblos, our boundaries and maps are very great, and yes, there may be ‘giants’ in the land… all kinds of ‘enormous’ challenges… there may be strong opposition, and stubborn and confusing traditions.  There will always be much to overcome!
But let our attitude and disposition, our first thought and desire be... to go up at once and possess the land!  To face our areas, our new assignments and new opportunities straightforward and with faith.  For we are well able to overcome them.
Let our attitude be: Give me this mountain!  Give me this challenge!  Give me this opportunity!
Give me this mountain!

Our council was very receptive and engaged.

Assistants Teaching
How To Effectively Plan**If we want to have a day of success we must plan for it!**

We had KFC for lunch!

We absolutely love Elder and Sister Bingham!!!
They taught us how to better use our area maps
 by dividing them into sections, planning
carefully and utilizing our time and energy
in each area more effectively. 
They gave an outstanding presentation!

President Clayton asked Zone Leader Elder Domingo 
to present how we can be more prepared as we go
into our monthly meeting with the Stake and District 
Presidencies.  He modeled information we can have
ready and prepared to help our leaders understand
how they can help missionary work move forward.

He was well prepared and gave an
outstanding presentation.

President Clayton's Closing remarks
The spirit of the Lord is the greatest element
of this Holy Work.
May the Lord bless us.

What a marvelous day we had together.
#we sure love our missionaries!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Baptisms last week 10-2-17


Sister Adriana decided to be baptized after receiving the missionaries for 1 year. Her baptismal date almost fell through because of personal conflicts, but after her baptismal interview she had a very strong impression that she needed to be baptized that day. She belongs to the Riviera branch in the Vallarta stake, where they did not have a baptismal fount, but this was not a problem, she insisted on being baptized that day. So, within 30 minutes the members and the branch president, and even her entire family were there supporting her in her decision to be baptized. The spirit was felt strongly that day on the beach.
Elder Castro, Elder Dietrich

La hermana Adriana tomo de un bautismo después de escuchar por un año las lecciones ella decidió bautizarse. Su fecha se iba a caer, por motivos personales, entonces después de su entrevista ella sitio una fuerte impresión que debía ser bautizada esa misma tarde. Ella pertenece a la rama Riviera en la estaca Vallarta en donde la unidad no cuenta con pila bautismal, pero eso no fue un desafió, ella insistió que fuese ese día. Que en tan solo 30 minutos todos los miembros junto con el presidente de rama, más su familia completa estuvieron apoyando a hermana Adriana García en su bautismo. El espíritu se pude sentir fuertemente en toda la playa.   


Javier was a reference and had great desires to change his life. He had many problems in his youth, but was able to take this step to return to his Heavenly Father. Osirus and Pablo are children of a member, but were not baptized. They accepted very quickly and decided to be baptized with the desire to endure to the end.  
Elder Colvin, Elder Flores

Javier fue una referencia y tenía muchos deseos de cambiar su vida. Tuvo muchos problemas en su juventud, pero pudo tomar este paso para regresar a su Padre Celestial. Osirus y Pablo son hijos de un miembro, pero no habían sido bautizados. Ellos aceptaron muy rápido y decidieron bautizarse con el deseo de perseverar hasta el fin.  
Carlos and Gloria are family members to a couple of recent converts. They were interested because of the change they saw in the lives of their family. They made changes in their life, so they could be baptized together. 
Elder Cabrera y Elder Acosta 
Carlos y Gloria eran familia de unos recién conversos. Y se interesaron por el cambio que vieron en la vida de su familia. Hicieron cambios en su vida y pudieron bautizarse juntos. 

Sister Rosita has a strong testimony and knows without a doubt that this is the only true church here on earth. When her son changed after uniting with the church, it called her attention. She soon wanted to know more and began to take lessons from the missionaries. She quickly gained her own testimony by studying and reflecting upon the scriptures and was soon baptized. She is truly a daughter of God and an example for all of us.  
Elder Chamberlain, Elder Stubbs
¡Ella tiene un testimonio tan fuerte y sabe sin lugar a dudas que esta es la única iglesia verdadera aquí en la tierra! Lo que le llamó la atención fue el cambio en su hijo que había ocurrido cuando se unió a la iglesia. Ella pronto quería saber más y comenzó a hablar las lecciones con los misioneros. Pronto obtuvo su propio testimonio para estudiar y reflexionar sobre las escrituras y pronto fue bautizada. Ella es verdaderamente una hija de Dios y un ejemplo para todos nosotros.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our full day of Training 10-10-17

We have had a great day today with our six new missionaries,
getting them trained and prepared to begin their mission service.
Here are some pictures of our day together.

We began with a breakfast of giant pancakes, yogurt and fruit at the mission home.

President Clayton introduced our mission map,
and talked about each area and our eight zones.

We took a quick picture in the back yard
before we began our training here at
the mission home.

While President Clayton interviewed each missionary...

I went through:
*our missionary daily schedule
*missionary apartments
*missionary health
  *learning English

Our assistants helped our missionaries, whose first
language is not English, set some specific goals to
help them learn English during their time of service
here in the mission.

Another picture together :)
(I know..)

And we were off to the Union Stake Center
(the building next to the Guadalajara Temple)
The Elders took taxi's

And the sisters came with us in our car again.

After lunch (pizza) Elder Knight, our financial secretary,
spent some time training about mission finances.

Our Assistants went through materials, mission 
security, and overall mission behavior and guidelines.

*Note our new missionaries are sitting on the front tables
that are covered with the supplies and materials
they received on this first day of training.

Our new missionaries are ready to finally meet
 their first companions and trainers.

And our outstanding trainers are ready as well, 
to greet their new companions.

The waiting is over!!

Elder Mendez with trainer Elder Rodriguez

Trainer Sister Vega with Sister Flores

Sister Jimenez with trainer Sister Hernandez

Trainer Elder Chamberlain with Elder Powell

Elder Carapia with trainer Elder Martinez

Sister Haro with companion Sister Arizmendi

Here we are together.  What a wonderful group!!!