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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A note to missionary parents

Dear Missionary parents,

There has been a lot in the news about Zika Fever. Right now the only cases reported to our medical adviser are in the far south of Mexico in the state of Chiapas. Zika Fever is carried by the same mosquito that is responsible for Dengue Fever and Chikungunya. We have had several cases of these last two conditions. Our current plan, supported by our medical advisor, is two-fold. All of the missionaries in our mission have available to them Permethrin. This is a chemical sprayed on their clothing that repels mosquitoes. They are also supposed to spray this on sheets, pillow cases and window screens. We also encourage our missionaries to wear insect repellent. This is their responsibility and any encouragement from home to do this regularly would be appreciated.

Elder Gregory Stevens y Hermana Peggy Stevens
Asesores médicos del Area México

Also, this past week during our 9 zone conferences, all missionaries, with the exception of our newest group, received a flu shot.

Thank you for your love and support,
Sister Clayton

Zone Conferences!

We just finished our zone conferences for this quarter.
They were wonderful.
Our theme was effective teaching.
President taught several times, I taught, and the zone leaders taught and led practice sessions where the Elders and Hermana's seriously practiced what they had learned.
Each conference was unique and we felt the Lord's spirit guide our discussions and presentations.
We began our zone conferences with the Colima and Guzman zones combined.
It was a wonderful day together!  These 4 zone leaders were well prepared and everything went very smoothly.
A quick picture before we got started

                              Zone leaders Elder Morris, Elder Robledo, Elder Quinones, 
                            and Elder Vaifanua taught ways to invite their investigators to read, to
come to church, to be baptized, etc, and then discussed how 
important it is to get a commitment that is genuine.  
They taught using the patterns found in PMG,
and then modeled and demonstrated the pattern.
They also focused on teaching people, not lessons and
again demonstrated how vital it is to be led by the spirit
as we teach.


I love how the zone leaders and President Clayton 
listen to the companionship's as they practice and make 
sure correct patterns have been understood and are 
being focused on.

Colima and Guzman Zones

Next was our Manzanillo Zone Conference

President began his discussion by demonstrating and teaching how to tie a stopper knot. 
He showed a picture of our son Scott, an avid mountain climber, and talked about how important
 it is to teach concepts correctly. Our son's understanding of knots have saved his life,  

Understanding of heavenly things can be done in a variety of ways. 
As we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, our
responsibility is to teach with power and clarity, allowing the spirit
to direct us and guide us along. 
"How great the importance to make these things known unto the children of men..'    

Some of the main ideas of my presentation were
* To effectively teach we must be clean, worthy and willing
    then, we can become a mighty and a powerful tool in the Lord's hands
* Thus far (hasta este punto) how are we doing? (1Nephi 5:20)
* "Rise up... rise to the the great challenge which faces you" Gordon B. Hinckley
* "The Lord needs our best.  He needs those who can run, not just walk". David B. Haight
* "Rescue all that is finest in us."  Barbara Thompson
* Hebrews 12:1 Let us run with patience the race that is set before us
* opposition is a very real and valuable part of God's plan
* I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.  Psalms 121:1
* Give me that mountain!  (Numbers 13-14, Joshua 13,14 ) the story of Joshua and faithful Caleb
   as they are about to enter the promised land.

President and I are always amazed at what outstanding teachers and role models each
of our zone leaders are.  They add such a measure of spiritual maturity, and enrich each of our meetings. Here are Elder Jimenez and Elder Lozano as they teach.

                        Here we are with the Manzanillo Zone

The Vallarta Zone as we are getting started

Zone leaders Elder Saldana and Elder Fuimaono teaching

Joining us today was a young man waiting 
for his mission call.  

Our Manzanillo Zone

Tepic and Santiago Zones as we are beginning
with Elder Brough and Elder Palacios, who are new
zone leaders this transfer.

Tepic and Santiago Zones

Here are our 4 faithful Elders serving in Tecuala and Acaponeta
getting ready to head back out.

Our wonderful Santiago zone loading into their van
to return to their areas with zone leaders
Elder Kotter and Elder Manriquez.

Our excellent threesome hermana's getting ready to leave,
hermana Hernandez, hermana Marciano and hermana Garcia

Our cleaning crew.

 next, our Lomas Zone

practicing after Elder Albrechtsen and Elder Gibson taught

quick picture with the Lomas zone sisters

Our Lomas Zone

                                 And last, but not least, our Union and Independencia Zones
                                 as we are getting ready to begin. 49 missionaries in all!

Zone leaders Elder Sanchez, Elder Barrera and
Elder Budge and Elder Rodriguez

Opening song

I always talk too fast for our poor Elders who translate for me.
This is me stopping to let Elder Peterson catch up! :)  
He is wonderful!


President took a panoramic view

Our Union and Independencia Zones

Just us Sisters

And a few of our wonderful Elders

                                                                                              the end, whew  :)