The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pictures from along our way

As we traveled to each zone conference we saw, as we always do, so many interesting and tender things.
We were able to see Elder Jimenez and Elder Lozano's new apartment in Barra de Navidad.
As part of this last transfer, President Clayton transferred Elder Jimenez and Elder Lozano, as zone leaders into Barra de Navidad, and gave them additionally, 3 port cities, Melaque, San Principio and Jaloque as part of their area.  They are all within a kilometer of each other dotted along the coast, and they are part of the Manzanillo District.  Even though the Barra de Navidad Branch is in Cihautlan, only 8 miles away, some of these members right in Barra de Navidad have not been able to attend regularly, be it for health reasons or travel circumstances.  President Clayton asked the Branch President if he would be willing to form a Group there in Barra de Navidad to help meet their needs.

This is the little establishment right across the street from Elder Jimenez and Elder Lozano's new apartment.  It is a medical clinic.  The sign is very interesting.  There is also a taco stand in front.

This older woman, who lives just around the corner, 
 is helping the lady who runs the little taco stand by
watering the road, to keep the dust at a minimum. 
We visited with her for a few minutes, what a sweetheart. 

Another example of a bustling
little corner taco shop  

I caught these cute 3 boys starting up a 
game of street football

These two were so happy to have secured their 
apartment and take this sign down

I loved this chart they made of their zone

A quick picture of us right outside their apartment

On our way out of Barra de Navidad

We drove from Manzanillo to Las Brisas for
church on Sunday morning.  This sweet Branch
President is moving.  I wanted to take his
picture with his well worn scriptures from his mission.

Can you see our fabulous hermana Capellan and one of 
our newest missionary hermana Herrera who are
serving here in this Branch sitting in the back row with
their investigator?

I clicked a quick picture of President Clayton's
white board after his lesson during the third hour.
He taught about God's plan and the importance
of repenting, and utilizing the Savior's merciful 
atoning gift.

I love these two sweet hermana's
hermana Herrera and hermana Capellan.

We had to stop and take a picture of these gorgeous colorful 
flowering bushes next to this rustic gate right off the highway.

So beautiful!

absolutely. love. this. 

Driving into Vallarta

See this guy right on top of the rock?
There were 4-5 more that scooted away.

I caught these two sunning themselves on the rocks.
Charcoal gray and yawning, they blend right in.
But the large iguana's red, red mouth gave him away.

Such a familiar sight here in Mexico!

Is there any question how well 
this man can play his guitar?
I'll bet he's fabulous.


With Elder Trevinio at the Union Stake Conference