The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Baptisms for last week 8-28-17

Here are the newest members here in our Guadalajara Mission.

Rosas´s Baptism! Rosa is 19 years old and her and her husband Benhur have a little boy. We found her by looking through the families that were not all members. Her husband was an inactive member but both are attending church together every Sunday. She wanted to be baptized from the first day we passed by. She told us that she was feeling something that she never had felt before. Now Rosa and her husband have a goal to be sealed in the temple next year!
Elder Crismon y Elder Piau
¡Bautismo de Rosa! Rosa es una Hermana muy buena; ella tiene 19 años y tiene un hijo y su esposo Benhur. Le encontramos a ella por medio de una PF. ¡El esposo de Rosa era inactivo, pero ellos los dos están asistiendo la capilla juntos cada domingo! ¡Ella quería ser bautizado mucho del primer día que pasamos! ¡Ella nos dijo que siente algo que nunca sentía! ¡Ahora Hermana Rosa tiene una meta con su esposo para ser sellados en el templo el próximo año!

Laura Monzarrat Hernandez Alvarez, she is the daughter in law of a member. At first, she did not want to hear our message but she spoke with her husband and they decided that they needed religion in their relationship. She could not be baptized because they were not married but on August 4th they got married so she could get baptized. We are very happy for her. She has a strong testimony and she is prepared to make the next ordinances.
-Hermana Villagran y Hermana Loria
Laura Monzarrat Hernández Álvarez, Ella es la nuera de una miembro. A principio no quería escuchar los mensajes, pero hablo con su esposo y decidieron que necesitaban una religión en su relación. No podía bautizarse porque no estaban casados pero el 4 de agosto se casaron y Ella pudo bautizarse. Estamos felices por ella. Tiene un gran testimonio y está preparando para las siguientes ordenanzas.

Brother Oscar Chavez was a street contact. He was searching for the church for years but he did not know where to find it, one of his friends told him several things about the church. Until one day we met him, and later that same week he went to church, and from there he began to change. He had to drop several things to be able to be baptized, and now he is desirous to share the Gospel with everyone, and to go to the temple to make the covenants that he needs to return to live with his Father in Heaven again.
Hermana Gálvez y Hermana Rojas 
El Es Hermano Oscar Chávez, él fue un contacto en la calle. Tenía años buscando la iglesia y no sabía dónde encontrarla porque un viejo amigo le platicaba mucho de la iglesia. Hasta que un día le conocimos y él fue esa misma semana el domingo a la iglesia y desde ahí quiso cambiar. Tuvo que dejar muchas cosas para poder bautizarse, y ahora él está deseoso de compartir el evangelio con todas las personas y de poder llegar al templo a hacer los convenios que se necesitan para llegar de nuevo con el Padre Celestial. 

Oscar was a youth that has known the church for three years, and waited until he turned eighteen to be baptized because his parents did not support him in his decision. He had faith and stuck with his decision. He had several obstacles in this time but through his prayers all worked out do to the will of God. Now his goal is to prepare to serve a mission.  
Elder Jones, Elder Christensen, Elder Martínez
Él era un joven que conoció la iglesia por tres años y en ese tiempo espero hasta los 18 años para ser bautizado, porque sus padres no le apoyaron. Con su fe y con la decisión a ser bautizado él podía lograr la meta. Había obstáculos, pero por sus oraciones todo salió a la voluntad de Dios. Ahora quiere servir una misión.

Alejandro was an old investigator from a long time ago. We could meet with him again since he was a friend of the Branch president. He started to listen again and to complete his commitments. Several baptismal dates fell through because of some struggles, but from receiving blessings, faith, fasting and using his ten-thought card, he could receive strength through the Gospel to overcome his challenge, and be baptized. He says that he is the happiest man in the whole world and that now he has his passport to heaven. Now his goal is to get the Melchizedek priesthood.
Elder Christensen, Elder Jones, Elder Martínez

Alejandro era un antiguo investigador por mucho tiempo. Pero él nos contactó por medio del presidente de rama. Él empezó a volver a escucharnos, cumplía con sus compromisos. Varias fechas metas por su bautismo cayeron por desafíos en su vida. Con la ayuda de todas las bendiciones el recibió, el ayuno, su fe, y su tarjeta de sus 10 cosas, él pudo vencer sus debilidades. Él llego a hacer el convenio de ser bautizado por alguien quien tenía el Sacerdocio. Él dice que él es el hombre más feliz en todo el mundo y que él tiene un pasaporte a los cielos. Ahora su deseo es seguir progresando para que puede recibir el Sacerdocio del Melquisedec.

We visited both Estipac and Teocuitatlan for church on Sunday 8-27-17

We attended Estipac Sunday morning.
We absolutely loved the drive there.
We love the sheep and goats we almost always see,
and the farms along the dirt road coming right up to the chapel.
Today we saw these guys...

and of course, I love this.

Today, President Clayton released the branch president in Estipac,
President Miguel Angel Corona Pacheco, who has served as
branch president for over 9 years. He was called to be branch
president one year after he was baptized.
He has served faithfully, absolutely faithfully these many years,
and his wife has been a sweet and quiet support.
She and their children have come with him early each morning,
and stayed, waiting outside the church building until he was finished.
He and his wife live in the small Puebla of Cocula just 15 minutes
or so just outside of Estipac. It was such a tender meeting as testimonies
were born and gratitude was expressed for blessings unnumbered.

Also today, Juan Carlos Ramirez Barron was called as the new branch president.
He will be wonderful.  President Clayton's counselor, President Casteneda
was there as the meeting ended and immediately began his training with
President Ramirez. What a marvelous spirit we felt today.

We sure love our four Elders who are serving in Estipac and Cocula,
Elder Rodriguez, Elder Cluff, Elder Barlow, and  Elder Hutchings.
pictured below with President and I (from left to right)
We met with them very quickly after President set President Ramirez apart,
and then President and I rushed to Teocuititlan to catch the ending of their
branch conference.

This little dog comes with his owner to church 
each week in Estipac,and waits and waits and waits... 
right by the classroom doors. Sometimes they shoo
 him this way or that, sometimes they let him be.
Hopefully, he's listening to the lessons each week. :)

We needed to be on our way quickly
to attend the last hour of the Teocuitalan branch
conference just an hour away.
Teocuitalan is a beautiful little pueblo.
President spoke for the last hour and we loved
the members in this little branch and then 
 headed back to Guadalajara.

Guzman District President Alcaraz is to the
 right of  President Clayton and his two 
counselors are to President's left.
The new President of Teocuitatlan branch is on 
the far right, and his counselor is to his left.
(is that clear as mud?)

A few pictures as we drove out of the pueblo

These kids were having fun in the water running
down the back of their street.
They were guarding their little black puppy
pretty carefully.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Another fabulous District Activity!

Success in the Manzanillo zone, with a District Activity in the Jardines District.  We worked in contacting Buses, cars, people in the street, businesses and much more. It was an incredible day that we could work as a district in unity. The people we contacted were very interested to learn about the Book of Mormon and the restored Gospel. It was hot but we kept working with excitement with excitement for the Lord’s work.
Elder Torres, Elder Angulo, Elder Arguello, Elder Novak, Elder Ponce, Elder Pérez 
Éxito en la zona manzanillo, con la actividad de distrito jardines.
Trabajamos contactando buses, carros, personas en la calle, negocios y más. 
Fue un día increíble en el cual pudimos trabajar en unión como distrito. 
Las personas muy interesadas en aprender más del libro de mormón y del evangelio restaurado 

Mucho calor, pero no impidió que trabajáramos con mucho ánimo en la obra del señor.

Baptisms from 8-21-17

Welcome welcome to our newest baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days.

On the fourth of this month young Misael was baptized, he was a reference from one of the youth in our ward and he and his family helped us in teaching. Misael is an awesome kid with a great heart, and he is ready to accomplish his eternal goals. Misael’s father is a great man that loves his family, and in the future, he would like to follow the example of his son. The day of his baptism it rained a lot but he didn’t let that stop him. “a happy kid in a strong ward”
El 4 de este mes el pequeño Misael fue bautizado, fue una gran referencia de un jovencito miembro del barrio y el y su papá y demás familia nos ayudaron a la enseñanza y progreso de él Misael es un gran niño con un corazón noble, y dispuesto a alcanzar sus metas eternas.  Papá de Misael es un buen hombre y ama mucho a sus hijos, el también futuramente se preparará para su bautismo. ese día llovió mucho pero aun así se logró efectuar la ordenanza. "un niño feliz un barrio fuerte"


Baptism of Ximena Rodríguez Rangel. She is a great person with lots of faith and she is only 12 years old. She is the first person in her family to be baptized. She is very valiant in following Christ and very receptive to the spirit. She is a great example for her family and maybe in the future her family will follow her example and be baptized as well. We are very happy for her and her decision! 
Hermana Herman, Hermana Rodríguez 
El bautismo de Ximena Rodríguez Rangel. Ella es una gran persona tiene mucha fe y solamente tiene 12 años. Ella es la primera que toma un bautismo de toda su familia. Es un joven muy valiente y muy receptiva del espíritu.  Ella es un ejemplo para su familia y tal vez en algún otro momento su familia haga este convenio. ¡Estamos muy felices por Ella y su nuevo cambio!!!!!


The Baptism of Brother Francisco!
Brother Francisco has such a strong testimony of this Gospel! His first memory of the church was seeing two missionaries walking in the street. He remembers seeing them and how happy they were and wanted to know why. He didn’t come in contact again with the missionaries until two years later when he began to take the lessons. His faith has grown so much and he decided to follow the example of our Savior and be baptized! This is not all! He continues to learn more everyday by studying the scriptures and reading talks from General conferences. He is truly an example for all of us! 
Elder Chamberlain, Elder Gaona  
¡El Bautismo de Hermano Francisco!
¡Hermano Francisco tiene un testimonio tan fuerte de este Evangelio! Su primer recuerdo de la iglesia fue ver a dos misioneros caminando por la calle. Él recuerda haberlos visto y lo felices que estaban y quería saber por qué. Él no entró en contacto de nuevo con los misioneros hasta dos años más tarde, cuando comenzó a tomar las lecciones. ¡Su fe ha crecido tanto y él decidió seguir el ejemplo de nuestro Salvador y ser bautizado! ¡Esto no es todo! Él continúa aprendiendo más cada día estudiando las escrituras y las charlas de lectura de las conferencias General. ¡Él es verdaderamente un ejemplo para todos nosotros!

Follow Up Training 8-24-17

Another great day with our newest missionaries.  They are at their half way point in their training.
We have met today to see how they are coming along.  How they are adjusting to missionary life, how focused and engaged they are in the work of the Lord.  They are doing well.  We are so grateful for their trainers.   Most assuredly, this is a grand effort.  It is no small decision to lay school, jobs, hobbies, family, friends, and life plans to the side to come and serve the Lord full time, all day, every day.  We are so grateful for each and every one of our missionaries.  They each come with their individual gifts and talents, they come to give of themselves, they come to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They come because they love their Savior Jesus Christ, and desire to help and bless others, as they have been so richly blessed from and because of His Gospel.
Here we are on the steps of the Guadalajara Temple.

7 Celestial Habits game.
Teams were divided up and each team
member had to think fast and
name one of the 7 celestial habits that hadn't
been said yet as the ball was tossed to them.
 1.  Always give the baptismal challenge
2. Teach lessons in order
(3-5) Name three ways to receive revelation
3.  Through prayer
4.  Reading the Book of Mormon
5.  Attending church
6.  Ask for referrals
7.  Evaluate and set goals

The teams each play, eliminating those who
could not quickly name one of the 7 celestial habits
we must know and use, when the ball is passed
to them, creating the final four, then, three, two and
finally our winner!
Sister Ramos!!!

President Clayton has taught,
“If we want new and better results, we have to do things differently.”
And that’s exactly what the assistants did!
They took the 7 Celestial Habits, and made a fun
and different game that helps us see just how
important these habits are in our teaching.
As we read in Preach My Gospel,
our purpose
“is to open the doors to the celestial kingdom,”
as we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
As we extend the baptismal invitation
we provide our investigators the opportunity
to act for themselves -choosing to follow the Savior's
example and enter the waters of baptism
for themselves.
Our game uses the representation of
the Temple as the ultimate symbol,
in this life, of the Lord’s kingdom.
Each team must:
exercise their knowledge in:
1. Teaching the lessons in order
2. Helping investigators receive revelation
(through Prayer, Reading the Book of Mormon, and Church Attendance)
3. Asking for references - always
4. Evaluating and setting goals to work more effectively.

The first part of the game consists of every team,
having to collect all the pieces they will need
to build their model of the temple
as they rotate through each station.
They practice using these celestial principles
with the investigator scenario at each station,
inviting them in various ways, to act for themselves
as they continue to learn about the gospel plan.
Each team has 2 tries to collect their pieces of the
Temple they must build.

Thank you to our office Elders for helping
with each station

The second part - they must build the temple
with the pieces they have collected.
This game helps us see how important these 7 celestial habits
really are in our efforts to fulfill our missionary purpose.
We learn that it takes a celestial way of living and working
to carry out this celestial work!
These 7 celestial habits that we have received from the Lord through our Prophet
and the Twelve Apostles,
truly are to help us fulfill our purpose.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Zone Conferences :)

We began our zone conferences with the Lomas zone.

Next was the Independencia zone

Manzanillo and Colima Zones

Vallarta zone 

Union and Guzman Zones Combined 

And finally...Nayarit Zone 

A few stretches and quick exercises before
we got started.

President Clayton began with his object 
lesson emphasizing the importance of using
 the right tool for the right task. 

What are some of the tools we have
been given to proclaim the gospel?

One of our greatest tools are the pamphlets
that go along with each lesson.
They are a huge resource. 
How can we utilize them more

I taught about the first five minutes.
How do we begin our lessons?

How effective are we in our teaching?

How can we become a more capable
instrument in God's hands?

*The Assistants taught about divisions, 
and companion inventories.
*The Sister Training Leaders taught about testifying
of the prophet Joseph Smith in each lesson
*The Zone Leaders taught about testifying 
of the Book of Mormon in each lesson 

Our Activity
Station #1 ironing a missionary shirt
*reciting the Standard of Truth in Spanish

Station #2 sewing a button on their shirt
*reciting their Missionary Purpose in English

Station #3 washing their hands while singing
*I am a Child of God in English

Station #4 making a PP&J sandwich
*reciting D&C 4 in Spanish or English
(their choice)

a little demonstration first...

We had a serious competition going on here...

What makes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
different from all other churches on the earth today?
The saving ordinances provided
through correct priesthood authority.

Our zone conferences were outstanding!
We sure love our missionaries!!!