The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Visiting Tecuala 7-30-17

We had a great day in Tecuala on Sunday as we attended
the Tecuala branch conference with Elder Martinez and Elder Hudson
who are serving there at this time.

After our meetings, we went with Elder Martinez and
Elder Hudson to visit some members in nearby

One sister we visited with, hermana Bertha
showed us her well used scriptures...

These two older gentlemen were having such
a nice morning bike ride down that rough
and bumpy cobblestone road. 
They were not in a hurry one bit, and 
were just enjoying the day.

We happened on to these cows being led
to another field to graze.  They were
nibbling bits of green grass along their way
as they moseyed along.

This little boy was tossing little dirt clots at them :/

There certainly is beauty around every corner 

I always love seeing the window 
coverings blowing in the breeze.

We were trying to find a few of the members 
addresses in Acaponeta.
At one point, President asked Elder Martinez and
Elder Hudson to hop out of the car to
 ask a neighbor about a certain house number.

I love these pictures...
every single one of them. 
I could not choose which picture to put on the blog..
so here they all are :)
They certainly tell the story of our 
missionaries out here in these small pueblos.

This little toddler was irresistibly darling. 

President Clayton joining the Elders as they
met hermana Bertha, the sister in pink from church 
this morning, walking down the dirt road.
She had taken the bus home from church in Tecuala,
 and was just getting home.  Her new shoes were
 hurting her poor feet, and so she was hobbling 
pretty slowly down that old road.

We visited with hermana Bertha in her tiny house
 there on the corner.  It was the house and hermana 
we had been searching for.  I am confident that 
our Father in Heaven knows and loves each
and every one of us, individually, and by name.

Two wonderful missionaries!
We had a great day with them