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Thursday, August 3, 2017

August Mission Council 8-1-17

August Mission Council!
We had a great day together.

President Clayton's welcome and introduction.

He then had the council join him in a few
stretches and exercises. 

What kind of tool would you use
to cut open a grapefruit??

a can opener?
a spoon?
a pair of scissors?

How important is it to use the 
right tool for the right job?

The pamphlets are some of the most effective tools 
we have been given to aid us in this most 
important work.
President Clayton asked the missionaries to 
practice teaching the Restoration
using just the pictures in the pamphlets.

Building Leaders

Where can we give one more degree of faithfulness?

Our Assistants, Elder Long and Elder Torres
 teaching about Divisions

President Clayton's closing remarks