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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Acaponeta Branch Conference

We had a sweet day together for our Acaponeta Branch Conference.  Our final leadership training was on Saturday with the Tepic, Santiago and Vallarta leaders.  We stayed in Tepic so we could drive to Acaponeta first thing Sunday morning.  It was a beautiful drive.  We were happy to be traveling with our assistants for this conference.
Elder Perez who has the assignment to be the Branch President and his companion Elder Vazquez were standing outside welcoming us as we drove up.  We were thankful that President Macias, the District President and his counselors could join with us.
There were about 33 in attendance with probably 12 of those being District  Mission visitors.

The Acaponeta Branch right after Sacrament meeting

Elder Petersen and Elder Olivarez taught the gospel doctrine class
I love their visual on the chalk board.
I took a picture of both sides of the room

Elder Petersen explained the principles of the 
gospel as best he could...

Everyone was pretty involved in the lesson 

everyone that is.... except this little guy, who listened
and listened, and listened, until he could listen no more...

I love these two Assistants!

From the left, Elder Vazquez and President Clayton
the three brethren in the branch, and President Macias

Today, I met a young girl named Talia there in the Acaponeta Branch. Just one young woman age girl. I can't imagine how unconnected and out of place she probably felt there with the small children and then the adults, many who are older women. She and her mother have been less active in recent months, but they came today, she came today. I asked Elder Perez, the Branch President if he had personal progress material for her. They had one personal progress book and a journal… just one.

I stood there in the entry way of the little House of Prayer there in Acuponeta, and introduced the Personal Progress books to her with Elder Petersen translating for me. I realize that she probably was not understanding, even in my simple terms about setting a goal and writing her feelings down in the journal. But I was trying. This young woman has very few possessions at all, let alone something special just for her. The delicate soft pink personal progress book and journal was a genuine treasure in her hands, I could feel she felt special as I was talking just with her. I wanted to hug her and sit with her for another hour or so, someplace comfortable and private, but it just couldn't happen. I am having my daughterJani bring a few more young women things when she comes next week like a bookmark and a picture of a young woman and the Savior and the young woman torch necklace.
This young woman promised me that she would look through the book this afternoon and write down what she felt in her journal. I hope she will.
After Sunday School. Talia, the young woman I just met is on my right in the orange blouse.

a quick picture of the children

Quite frankly, I was a little sad to see the new white paint
to the outside of the House of Prayer here in Acaponeta.
I absolutely loved the soft orange color it used to be,
and how the sun would color everything with a wonderful glow.
Nevertheless, it was freshly painted a clean white, and swept clean.

President Clayton with Elder Vazquez and Elder Perez

President with Elder Perez, serving as Branch President

On our drive home, you can see the beautiful 
statue of Christ on the hill in the distance.

I love to see these trucks and carts and barrels
filled with mops and brooms of all shapes and sizes.

on his merry way...

Let's just have a closer look at the treasures 
loaded on his truck

I loved seeing this sweet lady protecting herself 
from the sun

                Do you see how beautifully swept clean everything is?

ok, I couldn't resist...