The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our 11 New Missionaries!

Well, we have 10 new missionaries, and one returning missionary.  Sister Lyman has returned to be with us after returning home to recover from an injury.  We are so happy she is back with us, and President Clayton has called her to train our new sister missionary.

We received nine Elders and one Sister missionary this transfer.  We are so excited to have them join our ranks.  Here are some highlights as we have welcomed them to their full time service with us here in our Mexico Guadalajara Mission!

Arriving at the airport were 8 Elders and one Sister coming from the Mexico City MTC.

These fabulous missionaries rode with us from the airport.

A welcome, a quick bite to eat,
and a stack of supplies...

...and we set them up with these outstanding seasoned
missionaries for their first afternoon and evening of
full time service.  A full day of training
begins tomorrow.

Here they are with their most powerful tool in their
hands, the Book of Mormon!
Being held in the 4 finger power hold!
(of course)

and... they are off!

One quick picture by the Temple before heading out.

A few hours later, we picked up our one Elder, coming
in from the Provo MTC.  What a great Elder he is, 
Elder Manua.

We connected him with his companionship for the 
afternoon and evening.

Tuesday began our first full day of training,
beginning at the mission home with 
breakfast and interviews with President Clayton.

A big thank you to Sister Hernandez for helping me
with a gourmet pancake breakfast.

Hang on, we had to get a top button sewed on...

(We also had an ink pen leak some serious ink 
into the pocket of one Elder's new 
white shirt... no worries, I zapped it with my hairspray 
and scrubbed it right out... good as new!)

One quick picture outside the door
of the mission home before we head
over to the church to finish our training.

Training in finances, security, safety, health, apartments,
companions, daily schedule, learning your language,
our message and purpose...  and's a lot!

It's time to find out who their trainers are 
and where they will be serving!

The wait is over.  Here they are!

A bite of lunch together.

Getting to know their new companions.

More pictures!

Trainer Sister Lyman with Sister Toledo 

Trainer Elder Mejia with Elder Sime

Trainer Elder Palenque with Elder Cangas

Elder Esteban with trainer Elder Solares

Elder De La Rosa with Trainer Elder Angulo

Elder Velazquez with trainer Elder Cabrera

Trainer Elder Coronado with Elder Cervantes

Elder Mejia with Trainer Elder Gaona

Elder Jones with trainer Elder Christensen

Elder Manua with trainer Elder Acosta

President with our assistants Elder Uribe and Elder Manriquez


Loading up the taxi's and heading out.
We have missionaries going far and wide.
Some will serve here in Guadalajara, 
others are traveling to Guzman, Santiago, 
and to Vallarta.

With great faith, and trust, they are on their way!
We love our missionaries!!!