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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Santiago Interviews!

*** note *** Santiago was our last zone to interview.  I have been taking pictures all along of our time interviewing and connecting with each missionary and saving them to my draft file.  I have posted them all tonight here on the mission blog.  We began with our Lomas zone in early February (2-9-17) and finished up our interviews here today with our Santiago zone.

We arrived in Santiago Saturday afternoon and spent a wonderful few hours with the missionaries serving in this zone.
While President Clayton is interviewing each missionary, the remaining missionaries are working on passing off the outlines for the PMG 5 lessons. Preach My Gospel has 5 basic lessons. The first three lessons have a short overview or outline of the lesson, a medium lesson outline, and a long version of the lesson outline.  Our missionaries must know the main points of the long version of each lesson.  Lesson Four has 13 main points, and Lesson Five has 7 main points.
Lesson 1 - The Restoration
Lesson 2 - The Plan of Salvation
Lesson 3 - The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Lesson 4 _ The Commandments
Lesson 5 - Laws and Ordinances

Our missionaries must know these outlines.  The outlines give the flow of our message.  They do not need to know them word for word, but they must know the 3-4 main points within in each doctrine taught.
Today is the Day!  Today is the day we are passing them off with an actual checklist.

They did such a wonderful job.  Several companionship's joined us in other areas last week, having their interview and working on the outlines then, and were not here this afternoon.
They will join us tonight for our Santiago evening session of District Conference.
Here are a few pictures of our afternoon together as they rotated around with various partners to work on passing these off.

Here are our supplies. :)

We took this quick picture after the evening
session of our District Conference.

Sunday morning, during the priesthood leadership
meeting that President Clayton had, I spent some
time with these 4 cuties!
Sister Andrade, Sister Guerrero,
Sister Perez and Sister Vega

We had personal study together 
and then sister Guerrero and sister Andrade left 
to pick up an investigator for church.  I was
able to do stay and do companion studies with 
sister Vega and sister Perez.
What marvelous and dedicated sisters they are. 
I was sure honored to spend the morning with 

Their area map

Their calendar

Their contact map

Personal studies

a quick picture together

out on their front porch.

companion study

Cutting up some fruit for a sister not 
feeling well at church.