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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Manzanillo District Conference

Today Sunday the 19th was the Monzanillo District Conference. There were about 45 faithful saints there. It was so tender to sit in front and look into the eyes of these precious members during the meeting. They listen so intently and genuinely. The Branch President spoke of the blessings of the Temple. The District President gave an outstanding talk about standing in holy places and how we can do that. He said that nothing should be given a higher priority than the teachings in the home. That our homes should be a place of peace. That the Savior must be the center of our homes and our lives. 
 When President Clayton spoke, he told that when he was a young boy he would go to Mexico in the summers to ranch with his uncles. One summer he thought it would be a good chance for him to learn Spanish, but they had him working so hard that he often said to himself, I cant learn Spanish form the horses and cows. He told them that he learned Spanish when he was called to serve his mission in Venezuela 42 years ago, and that he was sure that his mother was smiling down from heaven and correcting his Spanish now and then.
 During the combined Priesthood and Relief Society, President Clayton spoke and he started by asking each member to stand and introduce themselves and tell where they are from and how long they've been members. Most were converts varying from 6-30 years. 

President  asked them why they were there today, and with all the sweet answers, he then talked about the the feeling of peace that comes as we remain active and strengthen ourselves spiritually. He then told them that he felt impressed to leave a blessing with them, and as he began I saw a an older woman, who in her introduction had said that she currently had 4 missionaries serving missions, bow her head and close her eyes with such reverence. It was priceless.

 Interesting story, yesterday (Saturday) President Clayton had said, I feel like we should travel to Autlan-3 hours from Manzanilla and visit the Elders there and drive around the area a bit to get a feel for that city. But we had already traveled to Tecoman and Cihuatlan, and as President counseled with the Assistants, they all agreed that it was probably too long of a drive to add to what we had already done. But in the end President said, I cannot dismiss the feeling that we need to go.. The trip to Autlan was absolutely, absolutely gorgeous... just breathtaking. It was a blessing that we went, we had a  wonderful visit with the Elders there, and we knew we were following the spirit that prompted President to travel there and see the city first hand.

 This has been one fabulous Sunday!

Manzanillo Branch 

Meeting the primary children after church.  
There were not very many, but what cuties they were

President with the District President on the left and his counselor

With the Branch President on the left and his counselor

saying goodbye

our drive to Autlan... it was gorgeous!




This old gal was so bothered that we were behind her.. she kept looking back at us, like we were a little too close