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Friday, February 12, 2016

Interviews! part 1

We began our interviews with the Colima Zone

I took pictures here in Colima by Districts
District Leader Elder Allen

                               District Leader Elder Alvarado

District Leader Elder Flota

District Leader Elder Derrick

just us sisters

President with the Colima Zone Leaders Elder Robledo and Elder Morris

Next was our Guzman Zone with Zone Leaders Elder Quinones and Elder Vaifanua

These great zone leaders had prepared a lesson to include a creative example
of how we advance our investigators
This baseball field represents our mission.
The team is the zone here in Guzman.
Home base represents the references we get as missionaries.
1st base- commitments or invitations we make
2nd- baptism and confirmation
3rd- Gordon B. Hinckley's counsel that every member needs a calling,
a friend and to be nurtured by the good word of God.
Home plate represents Temple covenants

ok...we found this cricket outside and poor thing, we all had to take a turn
holding him.  I'm sure he was completely traumatized.

One thing I am focusing on during my interviews,
is setting goals with all Spanish speaking
(as their first language)
missionaries to help them learn English
and continue with their language study program.

First I look at their English workbook to ensure they
are each consistently making progress.
Then we focusing on setting 5 new goals: 
1) to say a simple prayer out loud in English each morning
2) committing ask questions to English speaking missionaries
ZL, DL, STL, and others for pronunciation, meaning, and use
3) to read from the Book of Mormon aloud in English each day
(each missionaries set a personal goal for the amount they would read)
4) to practice learning their colors - 
I suggested a simple game they could play
 as they are out and about each day.
5) to learn one new word in English each day

The Guzman zone.  They were not all together
for their interviews, so I wasn't able to take their 
pictures by districts, but here they are today after
our Guzman District Conference.

District Leader Elder McAllister

District Leader Elder Randall

just us sisters

Lomas Zone was next.
Here are just some of our sweet hermana's
after their interview with President Clayton, 
before they took off again.
What a sweet group!

President with the Elders - with District Leaders
Elder Patrick, Elder Perez, Elder Romero, Elder Juvera

Last, but certainly not least our final 4 interviews :)

President with the Lomas Zone Leaders
Elder Gibson and Elder Albrechtsen 

Our Union zone interviews were held in the building by the Temple.
 It is always a thrill to take pictures  right outside the Temple.
The Zone Leaders here in Union are Elder Sanchez and Elder Barrera

                                                        just us sisters

District Leaders in this zone are Elder Lopez,
 Elder McGregor, Elder Bravo and Elder Stanger
I am sorry that several companionship's took off
before I was able to get their pictures taken.

                           With several of the Elders, with the Temple in the background

Zone Leaders training

                          Thursday we had our interviews with the Independencia Zone
Everyone is squinting,
 it was so sunny and bright as we took the picture.

Here is President with the 3 companionship's who are exploring the
 3 new areas in Arandas, Jalostotitlan, and San Miguel el alto 

President with Zone Leaders Elder Rodriguez and Elder Budge 

Our second group of missionaries to be interviewed
with District Leaders Elder Rojas and Elder Allred  

Also pictured on the far left are Elder and Hermana Loza the Self Reliance 
senior couple. Elder Loza is also President Clayton's mission secretary

just us sisters 

The final group of Elders to be interviewed
with District Leader Elder Guerreiro 

me doing a little bit of teaching...

President Clayton with his first counselor in the Mission Presidency
 President Miguel Casteneda on the right 
and Elder Loza his Secretary on his left

                                                                      end of interviewing part 1