The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sayula Branch Conference

We are off to Sayula today for their Branch Conference.
We were packed and off by 8am.  It's little Ava's birthday today. Our precious little one year old granddaughter.   We were thinking of our kids and grand kids this morning as we drove. We had a sweet morning and a lovely drive together.

We got to Sayula and couldn't quite remember what street to turn on. We have been to this little House of Prayer before, but it's easy to get confused with all those one way streets, they start to all look the same.  We finally called the Elders after we circled the city center and cathedral twice.  We were very close.  They walked one street down to the city center park, and met us.  They hopped in our car, we made 2 left turns and we were there.

This little House of Prayer is right off a moderately busy, but very typical neighborhood, here in Sayula.  The front door is just another doorway along the sidewalk.  The church plaque distinguishes it as our church, but you don't see the plaque until you are right there in front.  This House of Prayer has one large rectangle room with small rooms shooting off the sides for classrooms and an office.  It has a pretty fountain inside the large room.  It isn't working now, so they have it filled with plants. Elder Rider, Elder Haynes, Hermana Lopez and Hermana Flores are serving here now.

I was so proud of Hermana Flores for playing the hymns for our meeting on the small key board as she sat on the front row in a folding chair.  She did a wonderful job.

As we began the sacrament potion of the meeting. The young man, a perspective missionary closed, and I think locked that main front door and stood there in front of it with his hands folded.  Several people arriving late, found the door shut and locked,  stood on the sidewalk right outside and knocked and knocked.  This young man just stood there protecting that door.  When the knocking continued, I saw him finally turn and whisper something through the door, and the knocking stopped.

As the Branch President began his talk, and the door was opened wide again to the street, we saw several folks file in, including an older man carrying his bike in through the front door, and set it along the back side wall.

As we sat on the stand looking out into the congregation, President Clayton leaned over to me, as he does at the beginning of each of our meetings (something he learned from Elder Bednar's teaching in the MTC), and asked me what I was thinking and feeling. Many of the faces of these good saints looked wind worn, and tired, some faces seemed full of worry, many seem stoic and quietly faithful. Today, many of these good folks looked down as they listened.  I was anxious to watch their faces as President would begin his talk because he always, always helps the members we meet with smile and feel loved, as he shares the light of the gospel, his love for the Savior and for this glorious work.

We had a great conference.  President had numerous interviews, after the meeting, and I visited with the missionaries and members while we waited.

Here are some pictures from today.

I try to always take a picture after the meeting to add to my mission history.

Here is the sweet Primary presidency. 

The nursery class.

The 6,7,and 8 year old class.

The next class of 9, 10 and 11 year olds.

The youth class

Hermana Flores and Hermana Lopez, who I love so much.

The sisters with Elder Haynes and Elder Rider, wonderful
missionaries all.

With President and I in front of the inside fountain. :)