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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August Mission Council

August Mission Council was awesome!!

What fabulous leaders we have serving with us at this time.
We see a commitment and a dedication to strive for New Heights
among our missionaries!
These leaders came prepared and ready to learn.

Our theme was The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion.

They're ready to begin!

President began by teaching about the Godhead.
He taught absolute truths and doctrine about
 each member of the Godhead. 
He specifically talked about the 
 the Holy Ghost and His vital role and 
importance in the conversion process.

President's object lesson. 
With Elder McAllister  blindfolded, and
Elder Uribe whispering in his ear, he lead
him with his soft voice around the obstacles
before him, while the council called out 
distracting voices

*We must learn the voice of the Spirit, 
despite the noises of the world.
*The Holy Ghost is a gift from God, and works
through the Light of Christ.
*One of Satan's greatest perversions,
 is the truth about the Godhead.
*The Holy Ghost carries the truth of our message
to individual hearts.  They alone must accept and
allow the truth to enter, and come into their own hearts.

I talked about how we qualify for the gift
of the Holy Ghost.
I highlighted the mighty prophet Nephi who
desired the things of God and was worthy of
all he desired.
*What are our desires?
*Why is our worthiness so important?
*Doctrine and Covenants 121

This is a spoon, this is a fork.

President's game -
The purpose of this activity was to follow
instructions, and to keep the proper order
in mind. When you get out of order,
things don't work correctly. 

*** note I have debated and debated how many clips I should add,
                                   and I just couldn't decide.  Every part of this activity was
                                   adorable and hilarious.  If for only the missionaries,
                                   I am adding all of them. :)

The assistants also used blindfolds for an object
They blindfolded Elder Luciano who represented
our investigators

And then outside, they blindfolded Elder Contreras,
who represented us as missionaries.

This is how it might look like, when we try to guide
the people we teach to understand the Lord's vision,
when we ourselves don't fully understand
what we are teaching.

We cannot have spiritual success until we ourselves can see.

We cannot lead others, until we see and understand.

Another key, we must know where our investigators 
are temporally, and spiritually, to know how to help
them move forward.

Our record keeping is one important factor 
that can aid us in finding where our 
investigators are in their spiritual journey.

Do we lower the heights so we can reach them,
or do we rise up to meet them?

Introducing our New Mexico Guadalajara Mission song!
We thank Sister Muro for writing the words to and
arranging them with the melody to create our
new mission song!
We introduced the new song at the end of our Mission Council.
Here are our leaders hearing it and singing it for the first time.