The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

traveling around our mission

We have seen such beautiful and interesting things as we have traveled our mission for our zone conferences.  He is just a sampling.

These four mules caught our eye, and we 
just had to turn the car around and take a picture
 of these guys. Look at the one on the far right,
 turning around to look at us, looking at him.

love the brick.

The trees arching over the highway.

We love watching the storms move in.

Unforgettable, and right on the highway's edge.

This sweet grandma and her granddaughter with
their umbrellas out.

I loved her little head turning up
to see her grandma's face.

Vallarta.  We finally caught mr. alligator 
peeking up through the rocks.

After we watched him for awhile, he lifted up
slightly, and slowly sunk back into the
green water and slithered along.

Coming back into Guadalajara

In between the window wipers. What a downpour.

Some of the things the vendors sell by the 
stop lights.

Frozen drinks in bags with straws to stick down in,
and homemade suckers.

All kinds of shrimp.

This man was going to go out and gather food
for his sheep and goats.

Everywhere, no matter how much space, or how
unlikely the setting, these gorgeous flowering 
bushes continue to bloom and show off such
an array of colors, bright, bold pinks and oranges
 purples and reds.  They are stunning.

Just an example of a corner market.

This guy was hopeful, and so patient..

and just darling with these two cuties.

The pineapple pickers.  Their arms were moving fast as
they walked along, filling their baskets. 
They were tossing pineapples up and over their
heads and into their baskets as fast as they could. 
Then they walked the heavy baskets over to 
the truck to unload and start over again. 
What back breaking work.