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Friday, September 30, 2016

Farewell 9-29-16

That time has rolled around again!  It is time to say goodbye to 12 faithful missionaries.  This time, they are traveling home on Friday, so they can be home and enjoy General Conference with their families.
President interviewed Sister Harris, Sister Mejia, and Sister Capellan, Elder Valdez, Elder Vazquez, and Elder Virgen on Wednesday.
We did a 5:00 pm Temple session.

Thursday, President finished interviewing with Elder Luciano, Elder Patrick, Elder Bradlely, followed by Elder Crofts, Elder Price and Elder Robledo.  They each have told me that they cannot believe the time has come for them to return home.  Some have confessed that they don't want the mission to end, they wish they had longer.  Most say it doesn't seem real, it hasn't hit them yet.  They are a bit dazed thinking of what's ahead.  But I am quick to tell them, that it is time.  They have faithfully completed their full time service; and these 12 missionaries..... have served well.  They have served faithfully, and they are returning home with honor.  I love them.

After their interview with President Clayton,
we took these Elders with us to the Temple.

Right before we went in for our Temple session.

Thursday afternoon - farewell interviews.

waiting for their turn.

Thanking Sister Hernandez for helping 
me with the dinner.

Getting ready for our final testimony meeting.

with the assistants

ahhh.  those final certificates!

Hoorah for these missionaries!

ok, we are a bit crooked :/

President with the Elders

those well worn shoes

bless their hearts.

me with the sisters

With a strike at the airport, and some flights leaving
earlier than others, we all had to go to the airport by taxi
very, very early.  

Elder Robledo changed into his New Mexico 
gold and red socks and new shoes.

One last hug goodbye.

We will surely miss this group.