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Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Mission Council

Great. Day. Again.
What a wonderful day we had with our mission leaders.
Our theme for our training today was -
The Power of Prayers in our Role as Leaders

Here are some highlights of our day together.

By the way, please resist the temptation to think these first pictures look like others
we have taken in this same location, in front of the glorious Guadalajara Temple.
Look closely at the eyes of these dedicated missionaries.
Every picture we take is unique, each picture is personal, and every single one
of these leaders are here on these steps, committed, ready and intent on learning what
President Clayton and I would have them focus on and carry to the missionaries within
their stewardship. In each of their areas; these leaders are seeking to be unified in hastening this
work of our Father in Heaven.

Here is our Mexico Guadalajara Mission Leadership September 6, 2016.

 To New Heights!!

Holding once again, our most powerful message!
The Book of Mormon.

*Reviewed again the correct doctrine of the Godhead
*God the Father - creator of heaven and earth
- the author of His glorious Plan
    *God the Son - He brought about the Atonement
        - His greatest purpose in this life, was 
                     to do the will of His Father 

*God the Holy Ghost- the testifier of all truth. 
- the comforter, and sanctifier 

*How and when do we pray?
*We teach our investigators to kneel.
*Ether 2:14 - the Lord rebuking the Brother of Jared
for three hours, for not remembering to 
call upon the Father.

*No one can know the spiritual truths 
that are available to them, 
without prayer.


Sister Clayton -
Prayers are unique and personal

Prayer is an essential and enabling spiritual link between God and man.
*I’ve tried to picture in my mind the night that Joseph Smith read that passage in James chapter 1 verse 5.
For such a small country boy, I have tried to visualize how perplexing those religious revivals might have been for him.  The noise, and the confusion of it all.
*The power of the word of God came upon young Joseph as he read the words, if you lack wisdom - you can ask God - and He will answer you.  He won’t scold you for asking, but ask in faith, and He will surely answer you.
*I imagine that Joseph closed his bible that night and pondered those words until he fell asleep.
*He had to be familiar with the verse in Matthew 7:7   Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
*Joseph had searched and read and studied much, still, he felt he lacked the wisdom to know for himself what church he should align himself with.
*And so it was the words in James that pricked his heart. If you lack wisdom, you can ask… you can ask of God yourself.
*Joseph made a plan.  He found a certain spot, perhaps one of his favorites places in the woods there close by his home - in a grove of trees.  His intent, as he approached this quiet place, was to find out for himself what church was correct. And that is exactly what he ran home to tell his mother, after his glorious experience.
Mother.  I have learned for myself.

*Remember in 1 Nephi 15: 1-11 when Nephi had been carried away in the spirit and had seen a remarkable vision. He came back to the tent of his father to find his brothers disputing with one another over the things their father had taught them.  Nephi, who is filled with the spirit listens for a few minutes and then says to them basically, I know you have questions, but ...
*Have you inquired of the Lord?  Have you asked for yourselves? Don’t rely on our father, or me, go to the source, and ask for yourself.
*How did Joseph’s experience that early spring morning set the stage for each and every one of us as we have questions, and seek to find answers.......for ourselves ?
*God demonstrates His love for us by providing the opportunity to pray.  
*We show our love to God as we kneel in prayer.
***Henry B Eyring - "The Father to whom we pray is the Glorious God who created worlds through His Beloved Son. He hears our prayers as He heard Joseph’s prayer—as clearly as if they were being offered in His presence".

President Clayton's Preach My Gospel game. 

                                                                        6 Teams

How well do you know PMG? 
How quick can you find important
doctrines and teachings??

*Actually President is a softy.  He made the last
question worth 6 points, but still and all, team 4 won!

Congratulations to team 4!

The assistants teaching

When a strong wind blows, the leaves on a tree get shaken up. The strong leaves remain strong and firm while the weaker leaves are blown off and taken to and fro. The difference is the amount of life that flows through the leaves from the tree. That tree is our Heavenly Father. We are those leaves. The life that flows from the tree is the truth that God reveals to His children for their salvation. The wind that blows is the wickedness of the world and the fiery darts of Satan. The only way we, as missionaries, can take up our "weapons of war" and resist the enemy is to always have a fullness of life flowing through us. That is the only possible way to be victorious in this latter day battle.

Likewise, it is the only way our investigators, as children of God, can fight back and claim victory against Satan. As they seek to be full of the life that only God can give them, they too will find the strength to resist the enemy and enjoy the blessings the gospel can bring.

For the last part of our meeting we broke divided for
our Sister Training meeting, while President 
spoke with the Elders.
I sure love these sister leaders!

great day.