The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Los Guachimontones

On our Preparation day Saturday July 25th we went with our assistants to see  a pre-hispanic archaeological site called Los Guachimontones.  It is about an hour away from Guadalajara and is scattered with the  remains of the Teuchitlan people.   The focal point of these ruins are circular stepped pyramids in the center with dwelling places and evidence of central gathering places surrounding the main pyramid.  We felt like we were smack dab in the center of Book of Mormon land.  It was so interesting and breathtakingly beautiful.

These first few pictures are in the visitors center with diagrams and explanations of this era.

I know... wowzers..

Then we walked around the site and it was amazing.

The assistants were taking care of some last minute
changes to their baptism later that evening

 the view from up top.. it was incredable

 a few friends we met along the way home