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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mission Council

Once again it is Mission Council with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders.
Our focus this month was seeking the inspiration and guidance of the spirit as we prepare to teach, as we teach, and as we lead.
We focused on the second of the 8 fundamentals.
We highlighted the guidelines for setting goals in chapter 8 in Preach My Gospel, and the assistants modeled and then had the leaders practice measuring and evaluating our progress as companionship's.

Key points:
* qualifications to receive and keep the Holy Ghost
* the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion
* learning to recognize and rely on the Holy Ghost

We are involved in the greatest work on the face of the earth!  This is a spiritual work, and a work that required our best efforts.  We are teachers of Holy things.  Learning to recognize and hearken to the voice of the spirit is paramount.

It was a great day together with the leaders of our mission.

President taught, the assistants taught, I taught.
We had  my homemade  'famoose' chocolate chip cookies.
We split for some specific information and direction for the sisters with myself, and the Elders stayed with President.
President closed with setting forth again, our vision as a mission as we hearken to the counsel of our Mexico Area Presidency.

We had subway sandwiches chips and a snicker bar. :)
It was a wonderful day.

Right in the middle of me talking to the Elders specifically about keeping their apartments clean, President walked in with 24 roses.  He had arranged with the office Elders to order the flowers and pick them up and bring them with subway sandwiches.  It really was sister Kingsford who found the prettiest bouquet.  Bless their hearts, they were all so kind to be sneaky and bring them to surprise me.

 Sweet Sister Kingsford

Our mission council

The wonderful office staff  Elders Munoz, McGregor, Fuentes and  Jimenez... we love them!