The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A few of my Favorite Things about Mexico

I´ve been making a list of things I have noticed and learned while living, even this short time here in Mexico. Some things I love, love, love, and some things make me so sad, I can hardly stand it.  But, I want to remember all of it, so here they are.

*small crowded corner shops, their wares spilling out and laid out for display
*children sitting on the front door step of their homes
*old men with their shirts pulled up over their belly because it´s so hot
*2 girls riding a motorcycle together laughing having a fun time (we see this a lot, everywhere)
*cooking whole chickens cut in half and sizzling on the grill (it smells unbelievable)
*15+ men all standing up in the back of a pick up truck
*exhausted workers gathered together laughing and visiting, waiting for their ride to pick them up after a long day of outside labor
*the bus stop overflowing with people waiting, waiting, waiting
*crowded buses with people sitting and standing smashed together
*fruit stands
*clothes drying on the line, over fences, and over walls
*old bikes
*dogs up on the roofs, dogs laying in any shade they can find
*adorable dark eyed children
*an old woman sitting on a lawn chair in the door way of her casa mending
*bars on the windows
*bright colors of adobe
*yellow taxi´s
*trucks delivering bottled water
*stunningly beautiful burgundy trumpet vine along the busy cluttered roadside
*thin, weather beaten tarps covering fruit stands
*windows covered with tattered blankets blowing out in the hot breeze
*Fanta orange soda
*low thick, criss crossing power lines
*narrow streets
*cars parked on those narrow streets
*people walking briskly - missionaries walking, their steps long and purposeful
*planter boxes and flower pots up on the balcony
*palm trees and cactus
*old women pulling carts filled with fresh produce
*old men riding old bikes
*church steeples
*old red bricks stacked up
*homemade brooms
*church houses with no front doors so you can see right into the church, and through the dark dark, entryway, and up past the pews, you see statues of Mary or angels and candlesticks
*toll booths
*plaster peeling
*Bienvenidos and Alto signs
*one way streets
*darling school uniform, white socks pulled up high
*park benches lined with old men wearing  cowboy hats with their leather worn faces barely showing
*people with easy smiles and always, always a Buenos Dias

*people selling cotton candy, gorgeous flowers, leather things, stuffed animals, umbrellas, baked goods, candy apples, pecans...doing tricks, washing windows.  They are there with their children, on the island between the busy crazy traffic. Sometimes small boys will stand on their worn looking mothers shoulders and juggle, or do other tricks... sometimes, small children will come to your car window and ask for money.  Once at a restaurant a small girl came up to our table to ask if we would buy something her mother had made.

*paying for parking everywhere we go.  At the shopping centers, the parking is underground. Workers guide you into the parking stall, and carefully guide you out, they will wash your car, get you a cart, carry your groceries.

Things are becoming more familiar.  We can find our way to common places,now.  It is starting to feel like home.

This morning I worked on getting user names and passwords for the 11 Latin missionaries who will be taking the English test before they go home.  They have been studying English during their mission, and if they pass this test, they can get college credit. It was a process to do it for the first time.
We have 23 missionaries going home this weekend and 13 new missionaries coming on Monday.
There is so. much. to. do.   :)

President in his office here at home reading and replying to the weekly missionary letters.  He read 51 of the 196 or so  letters he has this week.  He is a good good man and I love him so much :)