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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Miracles We are Seeing Using the Book of Mormon as the Mighty Tool in our Hands

The Book of Mormon teaches in plain and                     unmistakable terms.      Ezra Taft Benson

From our missionaries:

* We are spiritual doctors

* The Lord has given us the power, and left the details up to us.

* The Book of Mormon is our message

*We must first discover the truth for ourselves, prayer is the key

* There is more of an eternal purpose in the Book than worldly and temporal views and answers.  It's more than just a nice book

* It is the key.  Our investigators must get an answer.
Sometimes we don't give enough emphasis to the fact that this book has been prepared by God Himself.  

* It takes great effort to establish a habit with anything.  It is no different to begin reading something even of great importance, it takes effort to establish a habit of reading the Book of Mormon.

* I feel more power in my hand

* I feel like I am carrying the original gold plates, like we are really testifying

* I feel like we have an important message in our hands

* When my new companion arrived, we started to leave the apartment and my companion said, wait, where is your book?  Our first investigator said, why do you have that book in your hand?

* By just opening the book, we are teaching a lesson

* I had an experience we met a man that didn't have a home, we gave the book to him, and he went to church  the following Sunday.  

* When I write down an investigator's address, I ask them to hold the book while I get my notebook and pencil

* I feel like the ancient prophets are with me, testifying along side me

* When we enter our investigators home, we say.. look, we have this book in the 4 finger power hold. Can we tell you why?

* We are looking for those who are prepared to hear our message.

* One sister said that when we first asked our missionaries to carry the Book of Mormon in her hands she said, it's's going to get wet and dirty.. it will be in the way...
But she said, as she was obedient, she felt as she walked, that she was being protected.  And she said people really do recognize who we are.  They do notice that we are carrying a book in our hands.  

* When I asked one Elder how he and his companion were getting along, he said, we are making things work, and how are you?  I thought, what a great attitude!

* One sister shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon that she recognized as a mighty tool.  Ether 12:4.  She was teaching an investigator who was having a hard time forgiving himself.  As she read this scripture with him, she said, she could actually see his shoulders relax, and hear his sigh of relief.  

* One set of Elders got in a taxi and started talking.  He started telling us about his problems, one problem is that he and his wife have not been able to have children.  He said that he does believe in God, but as he has read the Bible he has not received the answers and comfort that he sought. They introduced the Book of Mormon to him telling him about apostles and prophets, testifying that the words of the prophets are the same as the words of God.  They invited him to read and to pray explaining that he could find peace therein.  He thanked them and did not charge them for the taxi ride, he drove away with the directions to the church and a Book of Mormon in his hand.

* Yesterday two of our Elders decided to change their route as they were walking, and a women saw them and came up to them and asked, what is your religion? I have seen a lot of you missionaries lately, and noticed your churches.
She asked them what was the difference between us and the Christians?
Why are there so many churches here in Tepic?
If there is only one God, why are there so many churches?
She said, she was attending another church, but felt like the church was not teaching her anything to inspire her.  They began to teach her.
They explained that the Book of Mormon and the prophets are the difference.  She accepted a Book of Mormon and the invitation to come to church. She is interested in knowing how she can know what church is right for her.

* We started out with 4 Books of Mormon and gave them all away, and at the end of the day, we met a man, and we had to apologize to him that we had run out of Books of Mormon, but we got his information so we can get one to him.

* Two of our missionaries were teaching a woman who lives by very  humble means.  She has 4-5 kids, and only has one leg because of diabetes.  She has many struggles with her children and a husband who is unfaithful to her.  The Elders came into her home, and her foot was up on a chair, and she said, I'll let you rent it for 7 pesos, then she set her leg down and said, I'm kidding, please sit down.
They taught her about the people in the Book of Mormon whose burdens were made light because of their faith.  God didn't take their problems away, he just strengthened them to be able to endure their trials.
As they got up to leave, they asked again what they could do to help her, and she said, actually, I really could use that 7 pesos to buy a jug of water. My children are thirsty.
The Elders give her 7 pesos and as they walked away, quite emotional, this Elder thought, we are so blessed, I will never know this kind of poverty and struggle that she is going through, but God knows.
As he and his companion walked home, they talked together about what they can do to help her realize how Christ knows everything she is going through perfectly.
He went forth suffering the pains and afflictions of every kind. Alma 7:11-12

* One Elder wrote that he and his companion met a man in the street who said to us that he was investigating many churches, but when he saw the Book of Mormon in our hands he asked about it, and became more excited than I had ever seen anyone get about the Book of Mormon.  He accepted the book and made an appointment for us to come and teach him about it.

* One Elder said, we have ran out of Books of Mormon!  We are desperately contacting the office for more.

* We are getting used to carrying  the Book of Mormon in our hands. We actually found a less active who came up to us and told us he recognized the book and we challenged him to take it and read it and invited him to return to church.  He has come 3 weeks in a row.

* One companionship challenged the youth in their ward to read the Book of Mormon along with them this month.  They made little gift bags with the Book of Mormon in it and a pass along card and a treat.  The youth in their ward are taking the challenge.

* When I arrived here in this area, there was not a single investigator.
This week we contacted 13 new investigators , 5 with a baptismal date
We know we will continue to see this area grow.

* One Elder shared a story about a man who he and his companion met on the street and gave a Book of Mormon to, well a week later and he is halfway through Alma.  He asked if he could have more books for his family of 5 because they too want to read it.

* One Elder said he is on page 207 and he is hoping to finish this weekend.  I have a long bus ride to one of my areas  and I plan on reading the whole time.  I can't wait.

* Two hermana's shared that they met a man who came up to us and said, how can I get one of those books?  We said we will give you one if you will actually read it.  We will dedicate it to you.  They asked him his name and the name of his wife, and as they handed him the book with his name written in the front, his heart opened and he told us that he and his wife had just lost a 6 month old baby.  Into the Hermana's minds came the words - Plan of Salvation.  He said, give me 1 month to read this book and come visit me after I have had time to read it.  I have a testimony that the Lord is touching the hearts of these people.

* I have never taken the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon quickly.  It will be my first time, and I am excited to feel the power of this book as I read.

* One Elder said he felt like he was carrying the Golden Plates in his hands and that could could feel Moroni walking right beside him.

* In my interview with one sister, I bore my testimony, saying, I know the Book of Mormon is true, I know it is, our eyes were locked and she immediately said, I believe you sister, I know that it is true also. We grabbed hands and squeezed tight.  I love her.

* One companionship met a less active young man.  As they visited with him he told them that he had fallen back on some bad habits, and he was finding it hard to get out of those bad habits and get back on tract.  He said that he had talked to some family members who had commented that doesn't just stink that there are no more angels on earth today.  He looked at the Elders and said, what they don't realize  is that angels don't come with big white wings... they come with little blue books.  

* Another companionship said, we have had amazing experiences carrying the Book of Mormon.  One example is we were walking down the street to an appointment.  A guy started running after us telling us to wait.  We waited and he said to us, I have that book!  What religion are you from?  We then taught him lesson one.  He accepted a baptism date, and he came to church with us three days later.  

* Just yesterday, we were coming home on the bus.  I normally don't sit, so others can sit down, but there was a lady that moved her daughter to her lap and asked that I sit.  As I did so she said, what's that book you have in your hand?  I shared my testimony and  gave the book to her daughter. Her daughter started looking through it and asked me to explain the pictures.  As I did her mom said, I'm going to read this book.  Wow, She wasn't in our area but I got her address to pass along.  This power from the Book of Mormon four finger power hold and reading this month will really change our mission.

* We have seen many miracles this week!  We were looking for a member on our list that we don’t know, but she was not home.  We were not quite sure what to do because we had some time before our next lesson appointment,  I told my companion, let’s give ourselves a challenge.  30 minutes to find 5 new investigators.  We were both really excited and started looking for families.  We walked by a couple sitting on a bench and I didn’t pay much attention but the next thing I knew, my companion was talking with them.  It was amazing.  The man had lived with an aunt 5 years ago who was a member.  Not only that, but the missionaries were living with them too.  He told us he had read a little of the Book of Mormon and frequently attended church.  He lived in another area, so we passed the reference to the office secretaries.
We had found 2 people, but we needed 3 more.  I asked my companion where he wanted to go and he pointed in a direction that I knew would be very hard to find people.  But I remained positive and followed his lead.  I sarcastically told him, I’m sure we’ll find a family of five over there.  As we were walking, we saw a family.  The little boy started running towards us and asked if I use contacts because my eyes are blue.  I said no.  The dad then came running over and told us he has spent the last two years looking for missionaries.  His little daughter followed with her mother who was pushing a stroller with a baby inside.  It was a family of five!!  I was so astonished I was speechless!  The dad explained that he lived in California and has lived here in the city for only two years.  He was going to be baptized in California but abruptly moved here.  He was so happy to see us, and we to see him!

* I just wanted to share an experience that we had last week.  We were in a taxi and started talking to the taxi driver.  I feel like so many missionaries when they get in the taxis think they can relax and rest a bit and end up never talking with the driver at all.  This driver has taken missionaries before and we asked him what he thought about the church and he said that the missionaries he had driven had never said a word to him about what they did.  We were shocked!  We started talking to him and turns out he was super prepared.  His neighbors were members, he had a sister in law that was a member, and he lives a block from the church!  We felt impressed to talk about the Book of Mormon and share our testimonies with him.  We got his information and now the missionaries in his area just need to visit him.

* I testify that the Lord is preparing people for us to find and teach, we just have to open our mouths.  Throughout the week we have had similar experiences, and have felt a great difference in our enthusiasm to share the gospel.