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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Visiting several missionary apartments

This past week, President Clayton and I visited the areas of our mission where Hurricane Patricia hit.  We drove to Manzanillo, Vallarta, Tecoman and San Blas.  We had evacuated all the missionaries from these areas as the storm threatened, and we wanted to go back and visit to see what damage was done, and to check for ourselves some of our missionary apartments there.

We first stopped in Tecoman and met Elders Fuimaono, Gaona,Valdez and Omana at the OXOX store with a member.  It was so hot and muggy, but I am always amazed at their smiles and great attitudes. They were each holding their Book of Mormon in their hands, in the 4 finger power hold!
Tecoman had weathered the storm and these Elders were busy and engaged.

We traveled onto Manzanillo and popped in to visit Elder Enriquez and Elder Lozano's apartment.  We have been to this apartment before with previous zone leaders several months ago.  These Elders had it clean and orderly... but that old discarded toilet was still sitting in the back yard!

area maps

up close

I love this chart :)

that's right... the dishes were all done nicely :)

ok..... this fridge was pretty stark!
They told me they were going shopping later that afternoon.

beds made, check.  

seriously..... it's just sitting there in the backyard

the laundry room (mothers, close your eyes)

they are so unfazed...

I love these Elders!

Preach as Champions Today!
the sign above their front door :)

I love this book mark

let's just take a closer look at that book mark...
I love it!

Out on their front porch area
You can see that the storm had blown in, breaking lots of branches such.
The area had already been raked and swept up, and trucks were coming
along, gathering it all up

their little green house on the corner

I love this little swing in the front yard of the house next door

The next day,we stopped in to see Elder Albrechsen and Elder Saldana's apartment in Vallarta.
It was spotless :) and it was good to visit with them for a few minutes.

Upstairs and along the walkway to their front door

President checking out their area map

Their study area

wow, that fridge was nice and clean

the view from their back porch, up the hill.. 
there were chickens and roosters on all sides
making all kinds of racket

ok... check out their fan, they get an A for creativity, and a C- for safety j/k
*notice Elder Albrechsen's bed is moved out from the wall, because
he is so tall, his feet hang off the mattress

let's just take a closer look at that contraption :)


love these Elders!

We headed up to San Blas  and later that afternoon met
up with Elder Barfuss and Elder Montan.  It was pouring 
rain when we called them and they said, we'll meet
you at the church

This guy's checking things out from the roof

I cannot tell you how many people
we saw out on their bikes in the rain

Here come Elder Barfuss and Elder Montan

they are happy and just drenched !

We visited for a few minutes and then took them to 
their next appointment.. down this street

When I said it doesn't look like anybody is home
they said, they may not be.. but out they went!

We had tried and tried to call Elder Allen and Elder Sosa.  As we were driving back to the highway to
head home, we passed an OXOX station, and there in the parking lot, were these two Elders,
soaking wet from the rain, drinking hot chocolate.  They had been in an appointment
and were just then getting our messages.  What great Elders!