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Friday, December 18, 2015

Leadership Training and Christmas Celebration

We have loved meeting with our 3 areas encompassing our 9 zones for our quarterly leadership training.  We tagged our Christmas Celebration after our training in each area. 
 It has been fun fun fun to be with our missionaries and have a good time together and feel the Spirit of Christmas, which is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  

We have felt, perhaps stronger than ever before the feeling of love and endearment with our sons and daughters here, as we have sung these sacred Christmas hymns, laughed at their funny, musical numbers, and dried our eyes as we watched again the short video of Luke 2 and heard President Clayton give his closing devotional. 
It has been a memorable time with each of our 186 missionaries.

We have taken a plethora of pictures... So so many!  What to add to our blog???  What to leave off??  Let's goes!  :)

Our first Christmas celebration was with the Vallarta, Tepic and Santiago zones


Getting ready for the gift exchange.  The 40 peso limit was awesome :)
The Elders exchanged ties and the Hermana´s gave treats, and accessories
to each other.  There were lots of sweet gifts given, and clever ways to 
wrap them all up!

The funnest part was the story telling how to pass
the gifts back and forth.  
Moving the gifts a la derecha, o hacia la izquierda.
Back and forth the gifts went until the story ended
and the gift you were left with was yours.

Such a fun time together!

President reading a Christmas story

First musical number

The assistants put together a short video 
they entitled Twice in White, highlighting
our missionaries with their new converts 
on baptism day. Then the video unfolds pictures 
of our missionaries  with the faithful individuals
 and  families who have prepared to go with them
 to the Temple.
We gave each missionary a copy of the video.

Santiago Zone

We were doing fine until President took an important phone call...and threw us all off :)

I love Hermana Dominguez´s face...

Vallarta Zone

Tepic Zone

All three zones together
you think you´re all set, and you  turned around 
just in time to see this...  :)

ok, here we are :)

a generational picture 

Vallarta heading back home on the bus

Santiago in their van ready to get back as well

Next we have our Christmas Celebration with our 
Guadalajara, Union, and Independencia zones

getting ready for the gift exchange as well

We love these missionaries!

We had each lunch catered and they all did a fabulous job
These Elders are enjoying their comida.

musical numbers

then a Christmas story

all the zones together

                         All us Sisters together

                           Union Zone

                                    Lomas Zone

Independencia Zone

Our final Christmas Celebration
with Guzman Colima and Manzanillo

the gift exchange

getting ready to perform their musical number

President Clayton 

first with Guzman Zone

Manzanillo Zone

Colima Zone

all of us together

Thanking our wonderful lunch crew

Merry Merry Christmas to all!