The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Quite a day trip!

Our good friends Bonnie and Chris Victors came to visit us from Alaska.  We had such a grand time together.

We began by visiting the missionaries in Sayula at their little capilla.  We met with Elder Mcallister and Elder Santos, who has just returned to the mission after suffering from serious knee issues.  We also were so delighted to visit with Hermana Turitich and Hermana Garduno.  Such wonderful missionaries all.
Here are the Hermana's with Bonnie and I

The Branch President and his first counselor 
were there cleaning up after their very very
successful Branch Christmas Party the night before.

We went by and visited each of their apartments...
which were very very limpio I might add! :)

I love this :)

Next we visited the Hermana's apartment
I love their front door

and their kitchen.. so nice and clean! :)

Next, we stopped by the chapel in Guzman to 
visit with the zone leaders Elder Smedley and 
Elder Quinones.  We arrived there first, and just 
a minute later we looked up the street and there these
two Elder's came walking very fast and full of purpose!
We wanted to see their area map once again
 and some other things that they are working on.

We tried and tried to connect with Hermana Martinez and 
Hermana Rodriguez, and finally found them on the corner  
of the city center. We almost missed seeing them, but they
called us on the phone while they were running and running 
and out of breath asking us to turn around 
so we could meet them to say hello.   What faithful hermanas!

We were saying goodbye to 
to Hermana Martinez and Hermana Rodriguez
when a bus past by and we saw Hermana Diaz and
Hermana Kubosumi waving and waving to get our
attention.  That was so funny because they were 
the Hermana's next on our list to see while we were there.
We drove up the street and picked them up and
visited with them while we drove them to their 
next appointment.

We finished our trip by going to Tamazula
to visit Elder Jimenez and Elder Virgen.
When we called them they were in the middle
of teaching a discussion.  We told them we would 
meet them afterwards at the capilla.
We were only there a few minutes, when we
saw them running up the street, sweating and
out of breath.  

We visited a bit and then took them home and without
notice or warning, their apartment was spotless
well done!

I loved that we caught the two little girls who live
next door sitting in their doorway. They were 
smiling and waving.. so darling!

the beautiful sunset on the way home