The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tuxpan Guzman Branch Conference

Today was a wonderful day. We had to get up very early, to drive to Tuxpan Guzman for their Branch Conference this morning. We got ready and had a quick breakfast drink, and I put our picnic together in the ice chest. I had made some sandwiches last night and washed some apples and put water bottles in the fridge to get cold.

We passed field after field of freshly turned over chunks of dark earth breathing and probably waiting for another tilling before being planted again. We saw small farms with cows waiting to be fed and begin what they will do all. day. long. which is just stand there in their fields chewing and chewing that dry grass. I want it to rain so badly so these fields will green up for those poor cows.

Of course we saw chickens helter skelter, here and there, scratching around as we slowed down to go over those everlasting tope's. Those speed bumps that come up suddenly, out of nowhere, and give us a stern jolt if President is not on his toes. 
We saw, way out in the middle of nowhere, two middle aged women and an older man sitting on a low broken brick wall waiting for a bus to come by, waiting and waiting and waiting.

Seriously, another truck of pigs going to market.

As we drove through one small town we saw a man standing outside the entryway of his roadside restaurant, tending to 3 huge tubs of boiling pig fat. He stood there stirring the simmering pots with an extra long wooden spoon.  Those large pots were nestled on three outdoor stove burners, with the propane tank next to them, and the flames running up the sides of the pots. He was sweating up a storm working on that brew.

We saw one huge field with field workers bend over picking and picking.  I don't want to think about their backs!

We have loved seeing the gorgeous jacaranda trees in full bloom. They are almost past their prime. They look like majestic lilac bushes only they are huge beautiful trees in full lavender bloom. What makes them so striking is their trunk and branches are dark, charcoal black, giving the purple blooms such a contrast.

This morning as we pulled into Tuxpan, we saw a pink version. Honestly, it really does make the popcorn popping song become a reality.

I love these two little girls playing under these 
pink blossoms. Can you imagine them gathering 
the blossoms, and chattering about how pretty 
the flowers are?

Waiting for a customer.

Clearly, these guys have places to go
and things to do.

little corner markets

ok, we saw this sweet lady from a ways off.
We had to pull off the road for a minute, next
thing we know, she was walking right by us.
I am sympathetic about how her poor back 
must be feeling as she walks along.

As we often do, we also saw a lady come just outside her front door with her small bowl of wash water in hand, and toss it out on the ground. But today she dipped again and again into a barrel of water, throwing the wetness onto the dirt around her front entryway to cut down on the dust and dirt that I'm sure gets tracked into her house. As we kept going, I could see her begin, what I imagine is her daily morning ritual of sweeping the dirt away from her doorway.

I've already told you that I love the brooms here. There are all kinds and colors of brooms, in all shapes and sizes, and brooms for every occasion. I especially love the brooms made of branches that are long and straw like, and are used for scratching the leaves and litter up and out of the way. They also have lots of snazzy dust pans here with long handles. I love to see the brooms for sale, upside down in barrels in virtually every entryway of small markets and corner shops. I love them.

My favorite, (have I told you already?) 
are the curtains blowing in
the warm air, out the windows that are 
mostly barred, with no glass. I love them.

Gorgeous blooms out in the middle of nowhere.

After Sacrament meeting, we gathered the
children in the Branch together, and told them
about our grandson Hyrum and miracle of him
feeling better after our family fasted and prayed
specifically for him. We bore our testimonies to
these children, that our Father in Heaven hears
and answers each of our prayers.

I love these hermanas!
Hermana Capellan and Hermana Herrera.
They are doing so much good in this 
little Branch!

With Sister Torres (who I love so much)

I couldn't resist these two hermana's sweet faces.

Tuxpan Guzman Branch
Branch President Gonzales is
the tall man in the back, center.  
He is such a sweetheart.