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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jardines Branch Conference

We had a wonderful Sabbath day as we participated in the Jardines Branch Conference.

As part of our mission history, I try to take 
pictures of each congregation and leadership
we meet with.

I was so anxious to meet the little family that President Clayton had visited the night before as he went on divisions with Elder Jimenez and Elder Ponce. This little couple, Catarino Patricio and Maria Martinez accepted the baptismal invitation the Elders gave to them at the conclusion of the lesson. President Clayton was so touched to be there with them, and witness them accept that invitation.

They were already at church the next morning, with their 2 darling little boys and their adorable baby girl sitting on Maria's lap when we arrived. What a precious family! They have been to church several times, but things are still new for them, and I could tell that they were not prepared for the reading and sustaining of the officers of the church, which were read today for a sustaining vote, with today being Branch Conference. I watched as they listened to President Monson and his councilors names being read, and as the congregation was asked to raise their hands to the square to sustain them, they looked at each other, and then they raised their hands in unison with others sustaining the prophet of God. It was precious watching them from the stand.

What a marvelous day.

With President Clayton

We love to gather the Elders and Sisters together 
after our meetings to love them and encourage them! 
 These are our outstanding missionaries serving in the 
Jardines and Santiago areas in Manzanillo.

#All Day, Every Day, These Missionaries Are Faithful!