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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Follow Up Training

Here we are again at our Follow Up Training.  11 missionaries being trained by 11 outstanding, fabulous and wonderful missionaries.  They are training up outstanding, fabulous and wonderful missionaries.  We are thrilled with their progress.  They have such willing hearts, and have truly been striving to be absolutely obedient.  They are stretching themselves to learn a bazillion new things.  We are proud of them!

Here are a few highlights of our day together.

Getting ready for the assistants game

President Clayton has taught, “If we want new and better results, we have to do things differently.”
And that’s exactly what we did!
We took the 7 Celestial Habits, and we made a fun game that highlighted the 7 celestial habits in a new way that helps us truly see their importance.

We begin with, of course, the vision: Baptismal invitation always.
But, focused on what we really want. We are seeking for true converts! And they will be the ones with vision. Vision for what? For eternal life.

As we read in Preach My Gospel, our purpose “is to open the doors to the celestial kingdom,” and so we use the representation of the temple as the ultimate symbol, in this life, of the Lord’s kingdom.
The game consists in the different teams, having to exercise their abilities in:
1. Teaching the lessons in order
2. Helping investigators receive revelation (through Prayer, Reading the Book of Mormon, and Church Attendance)
3. Asking for references always
4. Evaluating and setting goals to work more effectively.

The first part of the game consisted in every team, having to collect all the pieces they would need to build their model of the temple. They got 2 tries. The first try was the challenging one, since it was something new for the participants, but the second time was a little easier once they got the idea of what they were trying to do. This part of the game was the more challenging part.
The second part was easier, since all they had to do was build the temple, but once again, they had to follow the order.

This game helped us all see how important these 7 celestial habits really are in our efforts to fulfill our purpose.
We learned, that it takes a celestial way of living and working to carry out a celestial work! and these 7 celestial habits that we have received from the Lord through our Prophet and the Twelve Apostles, truly are to help us fulfill our purpose.

Thank you to our office Elders for being our 
investigators  at each station where our missionaries
greeted them, asked  and answered questions as they
gathered the supplies to build for four different temples.

All were successful!

 Celestial Habits Challenge!

 Think fast and name one of the 7 celestial habits
that haven't been said yet as the ball is tossed to you.
       1.  Always give the baptismal challenge
2. Teach lessons in order
(3-5) Name three ways to receive revelation
3.  Through prayer
4.  Reading the Book of Mormon
5.  Attending church
6.  Ask for referrals
7.  Evaluate and set goals

Those thinking quick were still in the game

ok, we are down to two,
Sister Lyman and Elder Mejia.

And the winner is.....
Elder Mejia!

Great day together!