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Monday, January 16, 2017

Baptisms this past week!

January 14, 2017

We attended Ricardo's baptism on Saturday.  We are so proud of him and were so thankful to be able to join the Arandas group family with Elder Christensen and Elder Jones to witness this sacred event.
What a wonderful evening.  Ricardo is 24.  He and Viviana Salas have been dating for many years. It was Viviana who introduced him to the church. He has been an earnest investigator for quite some time. He has read the Book of Mormon and is attending church regularly. This important decision, making his first covenant with his Heavenly Father has been well thought out and confirmed to him through the spirit of the Holy Ghost.  What a day!

Brother Salas baptized Ricardo

Elder Christensen confirmed Ricardo with the
Gift of the Holy Ghost

The Salas family with Elder Christensen and Elder Jones

with President Clayton

We are so thankful to have joined them for this special day.

Two more additional baptisms this past week!

Baptism of Iran
Brother Iran is fifteen years old and
like his sister Maria, made the decision
to follow Christ and fill his life with blessings.
He is well aware of the blessings they have
already received from Heavenly Father in the
situation of his family and he is now preparing
to go on a mission and help many people.
Elder Palenque & Elder Cangas

Bautismo de Irán
el hermanito Irán tiene quince años
y al igual que su hermanita Maria tomó
la decisión de seguir a Cristo y llenar
de bendiciones su vida.
Él está muy consciente de las bendiciones
que recibió del Padre Celestial por la situación
de su familia y hoy en día se prepara para
salir a una misión y ayudar a muchas personas.
Elder Palenque & Elder Cangas

Karen's baptism
Sister Karen is the girlfriend of a member.
She has about 5 months listening to the
missionaries. She was always very open and
willing to do things that we left her to do. She never
stopped reading the Book of Mormon and praying.
A month ago she chose January 7 to be
her target date and she prepare for this date!
She knows that this is the true church
and has the desire to be faithful and to share
the gospel with her own family.
Sister Herrera & Sister Acor

El bautismo de Karen
Hermana Karen es la novia de un miembro.
Ella tiene cerca de 5 meses escuchando el
Misioneros. Ella siempre ha estado muy abierta
y dispuesta a hacer cosas que nos dejaron.
Ella nunca dejó de leer el Libro de Mormón y de orar.
Hace un mes escogió el 7 de enero para
Ser su fecha objetivo y ella se ha preparado para
esta fecha! Ella sabe que esta es la verdadera
iglesia y tiene el deseo de ser fieles y compartir
el evangelio con su propia familia.
Hermana Herrera y Hermana Acor