The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Visiting Estipac and it's neighboring city Cocula

We visited Estipac for church today and had a chance to worship with the wonderful members there. Here we are with our two diligent missionaries Elder McDonald and Elder Santos.

Estipac is one of our 3 mission branches that is not attached to a stake or district, but part of the mission, and under President Clayton’s stewardship.  There were 22 saints in sacrament meeting, six were children, two were YSA age.  The first sister spoke on the sanctity of marriage, and the second sister referenced one of Elder Oaks talks highlighting 3 great truths, the nature of God, the purpose of life, and continuing revelation.  Seriously.  They were spot on.  And as I sat among these faithful sweethearts, the spirit bore witness to my soul once again, that our Father in Heaven knows each and every one of us.  I testify that He is blessing all people everywhere with the light and truth of the gospel.  I am confident, that their goodness and humble efforts are not only noted, they are grand and holy in His eyes. 

It is honestly still pretty difficult to describe, sitting in a small chapel deep in the heart of Mexico, a place that is hardly on a map, in a very small branch, and hearing God’s divine truths being taught, understood and lived in such humble ways.

There were 6 of us in Relief Society, as the young YSA sister (to my left)  lead the discussion of the second Gordon B. Hinckley lesson.  Their discussion of our responsibility to be a light, and a standard to others in the world was so tender.  These sisters spoke of lifting our sights, and seeking to be better, of the glorious days ahead, and of doing our part.  I just don’t know how to put into words my feelings as I sat there and listened as the translated words were spoken quietly in my ear.  They are Godly women. They are truly seeking for all that is right and good.  They are doing their part.  

This is the paragraph that they ended with.  It is the one they brainstormed together how they could most apply to their lives each day.

After church we took a drive to visit Cocula just 15 or so minutes away.  The Branch President, President Cordova and his family live there.  We fell in love with this little city.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of all the things we saw.  Here are my favorites!

ok, check this rooster out.  He was going to town 
welcoming in the new day!  

Isn't he a beauty!

Couldn't resist!

Interesting and very tidy home on the corner.

This man was so friendly, waving at every single 
person that went by.

I loved this basket shop and all the 
bird cages.

ok, I took pictures of doors and more doors.
They are all so interesting,
and so rustic.
I love them.

I loved that old bike 

I loved that the wall was build right 
up to and around that old tree.

Favorite picture of the day.
This old gal snuck out and found the
sweeter, greener grass across the 
road from where she was suppose to be.
She had her head carefully in between
the barbwire's as she reached and stretched
for the fresh green grass.

She got found out, paddled and escorted back
 to where she should have been.
Poor old dear.

Prettiest picture of the day.

Saddest picture of the day.

The meat market.

This picture made us homesick for 
our old Kodiak.

What a memorable day in Estipac and in Cocula.