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Friday, January 6, 2017

January Mission Council

                 It's 2017!!!!!
We started the year off right with our Mission Council.
We invited each of our District Leaders to join us.
Here we are 60 strong, with our Zone Leaders,
District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders.

President Clayton introduced our new theme for this year:
Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts

President Clayton unfolding the 
Doctrine of Christ found in 3 Nephi chapter 11.

* The Doctrine of Christ comes from the Father.
It is His plan - outlining the one and only way for us
to return back to our Father to live with Him, forever.
* 3 Nephi 11:32  teaches that the Father and the Son
bear testimony of each other, concerning this doctrine.
Additionally the Holy Ghost adds His convincing
witness of these truths with great power.

* The Savior invites us to have faith in Him, to believe on Him,
to follow Him, and repenting of our sins,
choosing to follow His example and be baptized.

* Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost bestows upon us
untold blessings, that as we remain worthy of its
guidance, include marvelous light and knowledge;
helping us to endure all things unto the end.

We are asking our missionaries 
To Awake, and Arise! To Rise up and be Better!
We are not asking our missionaries to do more.  
There is much to do, it is true. 
We are asking that they do, 
what they have been asked to do, 

*We must know our message,
so that we can bear witness of it's truths 
with sincerity, from our own hearts.  

*We must seek for, 
and be worthy of the Holy Ghost to
accompany our message. 
It is the Holy Ghost's 
convincing power that will manifest
the truth of all things.

*Understanding how to teach from the Book of Mormon
comes as we study with PMG.  
We must drink from this manual and thirst for 
it's help and guidance.

Taking a minute to repair a suit coat seam...

President Clayton with our two assistants,
Elder Uribe and Elder Contreras.
They are honorable, beyond compare.

Genuine effort.
Honestly seeking the Holy Ghost to aid us
in unfolding our message.
It takes much, much practice, and 
sincerity of heart to invite others
to come unto Christ, 
and to teach of His message
in these challenging days.

Here are our warriors, our valiant servants
of the Lord striving to become better...
as they practice and practice.
I love them.

A bite of lunch

Breakout session with the sister training leaders.