The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A little catch up

We see so many interesting things every single day.  I try to take
 pictures as we go, to give you just a flavor of life here in Mexico!
Here is a sampling! 

I loved these guys butting right into the 
traffic to cross the road!

We love this little shed, and have taken 
pictures of it lots of time, but this time,
we caught horses there.

Motorcycles deliver all kinds of things.
Freshly made large tortilla chips, today! 

I know... 

Notice the small safety square opening
in the middle of the door.

another fruit stand

This was so unexpected!

We had to catch a bit of it on video.

This guy was walking around
the freshly cut branches and debre 
shaking the coconuts to see which
ones had milk in them.

This guy was all business as he headed home 
with his catch of the day. 

Let's just take a closer look at his 

The dancing dogs from Manzanillo.
They are not dancing at all, this older,
wiser dog is whispering his wisdom
to the inexperienced youth. 

The sugar cane trucks piled high.

It suddenly got so blustery as we were driving, 
and a huge dust storm broke out. 

On our way to Vallarta through the jungle.

I love to see the patches
of absolute beauty in the middle
of such rubble.

Pineapple fields 

Rainy morning in Vallarta 

Firing bricks

I think this truck seems to be
piled a bit higher, with that sugar cane...
what do you think? 

We often try to find the perfect friend
to pass along our apple cores to.
(I know, but we do...)
This burro was the lucky guy today. 

We see so many rat nest here.
Check out these wires...

Sunday morning on our way to the 
Santiago District Conference. 

I love the warning sign below, covered in undergrowth
that says careful, old bridge 

Passing a cemetery 

We also often see memorials like this one 
along our way.


These folks were headed somewhere this morning
walking along the highway each carrying 
a bouquet of flowers 

These poor guys have no idea where they are headed...

Just an interesting lean to in this pretty field. 

steam a blowin

Such a typical sight here in Mexico 

I love the containers of brooms, always such a variety, 
we see at every entryway of every corner market.

I loved this little band, walking home from church.

This little girl seemed to be playing hop scotch


Shucking corn to be roasted

Setting up their morning shop

A very typical side road here in Santiago 

I absolutely love to see clothes on the line.
This mom had her wash up and hanging to dry early. 
She had that line pulled across the breadth of her home.

Couldn't resist this old tractor.

... and these field hands out working the field. 

I loved this big wide gate in this grassy field.