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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Media use here in the mission

Dear missionaries:

We are noticing that more of our missionaries are acquiring mobile devices here in the mission.

*We are NOT recommending or encouraging the use or purchase of any device for use here in the mission.  
*This mission has NOT been approved to use the specially configured iPad minis for studying and teaching the gospel.

Missionaries may however, have and use their own personal devices with the following guidelines:

1. Missionaries are allowed to have and use iPod devices and listen to uplifting and inspirational music.  Music that edifies and draws us closer to our Heavenly Father is our goal.  Missionaries may not have or use ear buds of any kind.

* A missionary acquiring a new device here in the mission may borrow a companion, or fellow missionary's USB cord to add music to their new device.  Downloading music here in the mission is not approved.

2. All devices such as tablets, iPads, iPhones and iPods may be used to take pictures, to access the lds gospel library, to use the calendar, the calculator, the clock, to take notes, as well as to use the dictionary and the Spanish translator. (Two apps that with approval may be downloaded)


*All missionaries must email their families and President Clayton each Pday at an approved internet location.

*It will take great discipline for you NOT to access WiFi with your device, at the church building or in members or investigators homes, or other places where you find there is accessible internet.

*Google chat, Facebook, any social media site, opening any link, or adding unapproved apps will cause you to lose your device.

*Any report or finding of misuse will cause the missionary to lose his/her device immediately.  There are no second chances.

4. We have received approval from the Area Presidency, to encourage those we teach to download the lds gospel library onto their own device as a significant resource and wonderful blessing.
*Missionaries may NOT use their own device to demonstrate that, but can guide and encourage the investigator or member as they download it for themselves.

5. Missionaries must be careful with their device, as if it is broken, stolen or lost, it cannot be reimbursed or replaced.
*We also caution missionaries against taking an excess number of pictures or lingering looking through their pictures, allowing them to become a distraction.

As is always the case, these devices can be a blessing to us.  Do not allow them to become a preoccupation or hindrance to you and your important work.

With love,
President and Sister Clayton