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Friday, June 30, 2017

Combined Zone Conference with our Vallarta and Nayarit Zones 6-22-17

We had a great day with these fabulous missionaries!  Here are our Vallarta and Nayarit zones!
Please see our first zone conference on 6-20-17 for specifics of what we taught.

Once again, I love this awesome picture of this group (below) 
They are ready to learn and be taught by the
 spirit of the Lord.

President Clayton's teaching
*How can we increase our faith?
*Gaining confidence in the Lord

My teaching 
If we don't change directions- we will end up where we want to go!

*charting our spiritual journey

Assistants Elder Torres and Elder Contreras

The power of the Book of Mormon
in our companion study

President's game
It was so unbelievably hot outside...
we stayed indoors to play this game today.
The teams had to stay on the green line.

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

How important is it to work together
when needing to get from one place to another?

Team #1, the sister's team won!

President's second game
Azucar  or Aguate 

One side is Azucar, the other is Aguate.
When President calls out one of those 2 names,
the side called, must run and tag a member of the 
opposing side to bring over to join their side.


Our missionaries play this game with great intensity...
and that is how we must do our missionary work!!
Check out some of these determined faces!!

Sister Training Leaders 
Sister Vega and Sister Hooper's teaching

*Preparing to teach
*Teaching with the spirit

Zone Leader's teaching
*Teaching our investigators to pray

Elders Ramirez

Elder Espinosa

Elder Jimenez

Elder Castillo in the practice.

Our breakout session with the sisters 

*'The errand of angels is given to women,
and this is a gift, that as sisters we claim'.

*As angelic sister missionaries..
We must find our gift and
share it in our own personal way. 

*Find every opportunity to share truths
and testify 
of home, family, motherhood, and womanhood.

We had a great day together!