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Friday, June 16, 2017

Leadership Training 6-15-17

What a wonderful day we have had with our leaders here in the mission!
Here we are with our mission wide district, zone and sister training leaders!
ok... I love all three of these pictures, and couldn't decide which one to
 put on the blog, so I put all three on. :)

Getting started.
This is my favorite picture of the day!
Just look at this army of valiant leaders!

President Clayton's teaching -
*Characteristics of leaders of God
*Responsibilities, duties, and accountability
*Training and teaching
*Inviting to act
*Listening and encouraging trust
*Our example as leaders

President's game

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

Team #4

President demonstrated how to tie a bowline knot
to each team's leader.  They were to go back and
demonstrate how to tie it, and then each team's
members individually raced to tie the knot correctly.

President first demonstrated the knot

He did it again

He watched each team leader tie the knot

He watched them tie it again

and again.

The team leaders went back to demonstrate 
how to tie the knot, again and again.

they all watched carefully

Then, each team member tied the knot

The team whose members all tied the knot
correctly, the quickest was Team # 2 !

We must teach truths, patterns, expectations,
rules, and procedures over and over again.
***The work of a leader***

Then, I taught about divisions

*How do we prepare to go on divisions?
*Leading out in righteousness
*Edifying and strengthening as leaders

Sister Sandoval and Sister Nunez 
demonstrating division evaluations.

Tamales for lunch, with a treat afterwards!

President's second game. 
How well do we listen?

President told the team leaders a phrase.
They each went back to their groups and repeated carefully
in the ear of the first team member, what 
they had heard.  Each team member then, had
to pass along the phrase, exactly how they heard it,
 until the last team member came up front
 and repeated to everyone the phrase.
How carefully did each team listen?
How important is it that we listen.... carefully?

The sister training leaders shared an impression 
from the mission handbook that had 
strengthened them in their work.

Our Assistants Elder Contreras and Elder Torres 
*We are the light of the world
The light doesn't come from us,
 it comes from Jesus Christ.  
*We must be great examples in Him,
and then we can light others.

*1 Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; 
but be thou an example of the believers, in word,
 in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
*If we do these things, we will be 
worthy to share His light.

Peter became the Savior's great disciple only after he 
learned to love the Lord. 

President Clayton testimony
This is a work of miracles
Give thanks for every miracle we 
witness and are a part of.