The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Estipac Branch Conference

We had a wonderful drive to Estipac Sunday morning.
It is a two hour drive south, to visit this sweet Branch.  
Elder Albrechtsen and Elder Ramirez are serving there now.
We had quite the full day ahead of us, with the
Branch Conference to attend to, and then we raced back 
for President to finish his interviews and then continue
with our farewell evening with our 18 returning
missionaries this transfer.

One thing we noticed along our way were these cactus trees.  
So. Unusual. 

I didn't quite catch his nod and wave back to us as we
slowed down to ask if I could take his picture. 

just sweet.

As we drove to the chapel, I remembered, right as we 
passed the bull ring, (which I  wished I would have taken 
a picture of, but didn't), that on our last visit here, 
 is where we saw brother Gaspar walking to 
church with his little black puppy right beside him.  
That little puppy stayed right outside the
church house and waited for his owner to come back 
out. Well, here he is again, a little bigger, and this time 
with his little friend.  
Bless their hearts, these two faithful pups waited right 
there in the lobby during the whole meeting, and their 
owner sat right by the back door to keep an eye on them.

Here is this sweet, faithful man, brother Gaspar.

A picture of the Estipac Branch for our Mission History

The primary children

President Casteneda, President Clayton's 
first counselor in the mission presidency.

                               With the Estipac Branch President, President Corona
                              on the far right, and his first counselor Brother Ramirez
                               on the far left.

With Elder Albrechtsen and Elder Ramirez

With President Clayton

I love to greet Sister Sanchez each time I come.
What a devoted sweetheart she is.

I loved seeing the lessons and teachings of the gospel 
firmly manifested on the chalkboard.

                             On the way home, we saw a shepherd taking his
                              goats across the field and down the road a bit, then,
                              they turned down a side street and were gone.
                              The shepherd's dog was leading the group.
                              The man, when he saw that we had stopped, came over
                             and talked English with us for a bit.  He was so proud
                             of the English that he knew and kept looking at our
                              missionary tags and saying, I know you.

ok...... we saw so many stray dogs today, 
and sadly we saw a mother with her several puppies 
scrounging around.  
I'm not going to's hard to see.. it really is.
We finished our apples, and President stopped to see if
he could coax one over to have the last of our apple.
Of course they would not come.  They are
so beaten down and hungry and scared to come to anyone.
Maybe they will come find it after we go.  We hope so.