The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

San Blas Branch Conference

We had such a wonderful Branch Conference on Sunday with the San Blas Branch.  What a delight President and Sister Artigas are.  We drove to Tepic Saturday early afternoon.  Here is a bit of the countryside.  Things are greening up here with the glorious rains we are having.

We always smile as we pass this particular street! :)

We saw quite a few of these big white butterflies fluttering along.

The mango trees are hanging low with their ripe fruit.

A pretty and varied graveyard along our way.

ok, this guy was out for the count.
I guess you could say, he was sleeping on the job.

These colorful orange trees are in full bloom.

Just pretty.

so gorgeous.

President Artigas got up and took a few candid pictures.

and candid they are! :)

President Clayton with Branch President Artigas on the left
and his first counselor Brother Marquez on his right.

With Elders Quorum President President Urbano, who
has been a member for 14 months and just recently
he and his wife were sealed in the Temple.

With Elder Nix and Elder Enriquez.

I wanted to take a picture of the youth in San Blas
and went down the hall, hearing singing.  I stopped at 
their doorway and slowly opened the door as they
continued singing and smiling.  This is a sweet group.
Squarely in the middle is 15 year old Miguel Angel,
who is the teachers quorum president and who months
and months ago ran all the way to a baptism President
and I were attending there in San Blas with Elder Barfuss
and Elder Allen, to support Christopher, the young man
getting baptized that night.  He had fallen and cut his leg
badly as he ran, and had hobbled the rest of the way and 
come in sweating and out of breath.  I will never forget his 
standing up and welcoming Christopher to the teachers quorum
that night and shaking his hand and hugging him.
It was a tender moment for me, and I have not forgotten him.

The little folks

the older class.

These sweet young women, and one young man,
who could play the piano like nobody's business!

We took the Elders to see their apartment after church.
This is me at the bottom of their long and steep stairs
to get up to their apartment.... I'm coming up!

Ok, I love the ties. That Lands End jacket is absolutely ridiculous hanging there
with the heat and sweat dripping down our faces.. good grief.

Their little laundry patio.

The dishes were clean piled high and deep.  I do that myself.
My kids know, I stack my dishes, and let them air dry as well.

Great. Elders.

I loved this brick wall outside their front door.

President couldn't resist.

It breaks our hearts, that most of the time the dogs are too hot
and too tired to even nibble a dog snack.
 (that we keep in our car.)  (I know)

a little corner market.

Just getting things from one place to another.

I love the bikes here.

The laundry and the bell tower.

So funny, this gal was on the phone as they sped by.

We found a shady tree and had a picnic in our car, 
with the air conditioning on. :) 

We continued on to Villa Hidalgo to visit with
 Hermana Garcia and Hermana Valdez, who I love so much.
Elder Gouchenour and Elder Christensen were on divisions
in Ruiz and couldn't meet with us.
We asked if the sisters could meet us at their apartment, and
after a few minutes, we saw them hurriedly walking up the street,
dripping with sweat, great big smiles on their faces.. 
Oh we love our missionaries!
We had them get in our car and handed them
a cold bottle of water out of our ice chest, and
some fruit snacks and granola bars.  We visited with 
them for a bit there and let them cool down.
We had packages and mail that we had for them.  
Lucky Hermana Valdez had 2 huge boxes from her
family.  President carried them up the stairs to their
apartment and we stood there in their swelteringly hot
apartment for a few minutes.  It was just so hot
in there, bless their hearts. We just were laughing it was 
so hot.  How do they do it?  They just do.  Bless their 
hearts, they just do. We laughed with them about the
Christmas they were going to have later, as they opened
those boxes.  We came downstairs and outside, to the blazing
hot heat of the sun, and as we got ready to leave, we said good bye,
I hugged and hugged them, and we saw these
two sweet sisters lock their door, and wave goodbye, walked
off to their next appointment. What struck me, was that they 
didn't dash back upstairs to go to the bathroom, or
to grab something quick, or to get a drink.  
They were not delayed in any manner.  They got back
to their work.  They were up and gone.  I was so proud of them.


We continued on to Santiago to meet with two other
complete sweethearts, our sister training leaders
there, Hermana Flores, and Hermana Mejia.
We called them and met them at the red brick church.
We had them also pop into our cool car for a quick 
visit and cold drink.  The hot afternoon there in Santiago 
did not diminish their smiles either.  I love them!
We drove to their apartment and since it was so hot
inside, we sat on their steps outside while President
talked with them about a few things.  We 3 sisters
got up and realized that the misquotes had bitten
and bitten us as we had sat there.  Rats.

Today, was a great day!