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Monday, June 20, 2016

Leadership Training

We began our Leadership Training in Vallarta with the Vallarta, Santiago, and Tepic zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders.  It was a great day today, with a full day of training.
Here are some highlights.


Being equally yoked together.

President began with a game to illustrate that
being unified together, with a common goal, 
helps us achieve our purpose.
Divided into two teams, the missionaries had to get every 
member of their team over the rope, 
without touching the rope.
He gave them 5 minutes to make a plan.

Oh the planning, the plotting, the grand schemes, the silly ideas..
and then... they began...

There were, of course, some unsuccessful attempts.

but, honestly, wow, such all out efforts..

We saw great courage, and trust.

such bravery..

and then.. there was this...

:)  it was so fun to watch them!
We continued with our theme of 
To New Heights
We taught, and had good discussions
with these leaders.

I highlighted the accountability and responsibility
we find laid out in our missionary handbook.
*We have been recommended as one worthy to represent the Lord.
*We have been called to be an official representative of the Church.
*We are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct.
*We are expected to devote all of our time and attention to 
serving the Lord, leaving behind all other personal affairs.
*We are accountable to the Lord, and to the leaders of the Church,
for how how well we honor our promises.

D&C 58:26-28 anxiously engaged in a good cause,
doing many things of our own will,
for the power is in us..

We had excellent teaching by our assistants
Elder Teichert and Elder Kotter laying out again
Reporting and the purpose of Divisions

Introducing and highlighting our Standard of Truth mission banner.
This is the beginning of a letter our assistants sent to all mission leaders.

Beloved Servants of the Lord in the Mission Guadalajara,
We love you.  It has been felt by President Clayton that we as a mission must stretch to reach new heights.  If we are to achieve what the Lord desires of us as a mission; first and foremost, we must reach for new heights as individuals, that we may arrive to new heights in our mission.  President Clayton has instructed all of us that to do so, we are to focus ourselves, all in one allied purpose, in our ability to teach repentance and to baptize converts.  This is our Standard of Liberty and Truth.  This is the culture of this mission.  As President Clayton has taught, we are to be more diligent in our studies and in our daily work to know and teach the doctrine of Christ, and to be worthy to teach with the spirit. 
By way of revelation and assignment, there are three things that we are to instruct, and live more diligently as leaders to bring about successfully this vision.
1. Accountability
2. Efficiency
3. Training

       President - Mission goal?
What is measurable?
       What is in our control?      

Alma 22 - we know Aaron was an effective teacher because
King Lamoni's father opened his heart enough to act.
3 Nephi 11:26-41 - how many doctrines are taught on one page?
Every time Jesus Christ opens his mouth, it is like a river of
flowing doctrine. 
When you share a scripture - that act alone, invites the spirit.

                       Next - time for a game.
                       A word scavenger hunt!

We divided into 6 teams

Here is the prize!

Clue sheet given out - check
letters hidden around the church - check
ready, Go!

once the letters were all found, they unscrambled them
to find the word AJUSTANDO - (ADJUSTING) 

Team 4 won.

We talked about adjusting to missionary life.
We brainstormed tried and true skills, tools, and 
suggestions we can use as we continue to acclimate 
and adjust to full time service for the Lord.

President modeling his new Gordon B. Hinckley hat
(We think it looks like a hat similar to the one President 
Hinckley would sometimes wear)

One great day together!

ok... one more picture!

Next was our leadership training with the three Guadalajara zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders in the Lomas, Union and Independencia Zones

President's first exercise to demonstrate
the importance of working together.
Team 1

Team 2

Making a plan

ok, ready?

One Elder safely over

some had an easier time of it, others, not so much..

            Next, the assistants began talking about our
            mission banner, and the importance of the
            steps we each must take to reach our goals.
           Who would have thought we would have an
           expert pole climber among us... Good job
           Elder McDonald.

They still brought out the ladder to help retrieve our mission flag.
In order to reach new heights, we must go step by step.

            Our assistants did a wonderful job teaching and
            leading discussions on effective reporting and
            the importance and purpose of divisions.

I love this picture of our assistant Elder Teichert,
who was quietly meditating while others were signing
 our mission banner.

President and the assistants during one of our breaks.

President talking about the culture of our mission.

Beginning our word scavenger hunt.

Getting the teams lined up.

Just a little incentive..

And, they are off..

Ok, this was so funny.  Unbeknownst to us, the gate 
around the chapel was locked after we began our meeting, 
so the letter hidden on the window shield of our van, 
couldn't be reached. These groups sweet talked a passer 
by to fetch their next letter off the window shield.

                          hurry, hurry, hurry.


And the winner is?
Group #4!

The word was Ajustando, (Adjusting)

We talked about all the different things we continually
must adjust to, here in the mission. New companions,
new areas, new assignments and callings, new members,
new ward and stake, branch and district leaders.
Then, we brainstormed the many many tools and
aids that we have to help us be successful and happy
as we serve the Lord full time.

        We took a break and the Elders did some push ups.

President Clayton got out there and joined in.

Practicing the 5 minute Plan of Salvation lesson outline.

It was a great day together!

We love our missionaries!!

With the Sister Training Leaders 
Hermana Rodriguez, and Hermana Dominguez.

Our final leadership training with was the leaders in Manzanillo, Colima and Guzman.
We had a marvelous day with these leaders.  Oh we loved being with them.  We had great
discussions and commentary as we taught and helped to motivate these leaders.

With the sister training leaders.

Working together.
Are we equally yoked?
Are we unified?

Up and over..


Some of these are so funny, I couldn't resist adding them.

Another few push ups during one of our breaks.

Intent on listening.

Accountability and Responsibility

The assistants talking about our mission banner.
I love how they highlighted Moroni's account
of setting forth the Title of Liberty throughout
the land.

We went outside again to retrieve the banner.

Again, the steps we need to take to reach
new heights here in the mission.

Signing our own mission banner.

    How are our work ethics?
    How worthy are we?
    Do we know the doctrine?                          
    It matters to the Lord how effective we are each day.
    We teach repentance, and baptize converts.
    We learn the doctrine, we teach the doctrine.

President Clayton asked the group to read 
3 Nephi 11:26-41, and focus on how many
solid doctrines are taught in these few verses.
He then called up several missionaries
to come up and teach one of the doctrines 
they found, being quick and to the point.


I volunteered to come and teach quickly one
doctrine that I found, while Elder Kotter timed me.

Our word scavenger hunt.
Dividing into teams.

the prize

giving out the clues

ready?  Go!

good grief..

oh my word, the competition.

Our winners
Elder Sanchez's catch phrase, nailed it!

Great day!