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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June Mission Council - To New Heights!

Getting ready...

ok...Here we are!
Mission Council for June

We had of course, a wonderful day together.
There was much instruction, inspiring
discussions and unified resolve.
Here are just a few bullets of what we talked about.
Our theme?
To New Heights!

*How can we achieve new heights?
-The Lord is hoping for more
-What can we do better?
-Understanding the importance of our callings
-The Lord's sacred trust
-Our committed Purpose
-To invite others to Come Unto Christ
-To teach repentance and baptize converts
*How can we do that better?
*Key Indicators
-How do we measure our progress?
-What can we control?
*Being equally yoked together
When performance is measured, performance improves.
When performance is measured and reported, the rate
of improvement accelerates.  President Monson

Sister Clayton:
-Returning and reporting
-Let every man learn his duty D&C 107:99
-Being anxiously engaged
-Doing many things
-For the power is in us D&C 58:26-28

Our assistants:
 introduced our new theme
 with a flag, similar to the Title of Liberty

They had one Elder try to get himself up
the pole to retrieve the flag, but he could not.
They brought out a ladder and he was
then able to climb the steps of the 
ladder to reach the flag.
They invited our mission council 
to think what steps we must take
as a mission,
to reach our goals, our potential?

As they talked about President Clayton's vision
at this time in our mission,
they highlighted Moroni's vision
for his people and how his people rallied
 behind their leader.
Moroni 46: 11-36

As we came back into the church,
the assistants led a wonderful 
discussion about the steps 
of the ladder representing how we as a mission
can achieve new heights. 
Step by step.
They detailed:

Individual, district, zone and mission goals
must be aligned and purpose driven.
The assistants invited each member of the 
mission council 
to sign their name on the original flag, 
and then they additionally gave each zone a flag 
to introduce and raise in their own areas and zones.

Sister Clayton:
*Leaving it better than you found it. 
-Your ward/branch, neighborhood, apartment
-Your area books, reports, maps, and lists

*We are going to work
*We are going to focus on doctrine and teachings
*We are going to stay worthy

Alma 22:10-20 
What evidence is there that Aaron 
was an effective teacher?
-King Lamoni's responses were tender and genuine
-Aaron was talking about eternal life, not baptisms
-If we are teaching the doctrine with power, our
investigators will have the desire to act.
After Aaron taught King Lamoni with the
power of the Holy Ghost to accompany him,
-verse 17 tells us, King Lamoni humbly fell to his knees.

Worthily pray for the power of the Holy Ghost
 to accompany you that you might 
-Teach with power and 
-Testify boldly 

Mission Mexico Guadalajara 
To New Heights
We teach repentance and baptize converts!

our dedicated assistants 
Elder Kotter and Elder Teichert