The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Our 8 New Missionaries!

Here they come!  Our 8 new missionaries.
We had one new missionary come in last week.
He will be joining us for our training tomorrow.

They are fabulous and eager to begin.

We took the sisters in our car to drive from the 
airport to the church to meet their companions
for the day. 

A quick bite to eat.

And they are off to spend their first
full day of proselyting with a companionship
from here in Guadalajara. 

                   They spent all day, came back to the church for 
a quick bite to eat and went back out, and spent 
the evening with their companionship.

First thing this morning, we met at our mission
home, and began our first full day of training.

We were anxious to hear about their first full day experiences.
They all had many positive and eye opening experiences day one.
We  couldn't be more pleased. 
As President Clayton interviewed each new missionary,
I talked to them about their daily schedule,
their apartments, their health, and the opportunity
for those that do not speak English to learn it
while they serve here in the mission.  We set some goal 
to that end and were able to answer a few questions for them.

President Clayton finished his interviews and we
were able to drive over to the church, 
to continue with our day long training.
We were greeted by the office Elders and 
trainers who have been called to lead, guide, teach 
and train our new missionaries.
Each new missionary will go through a 12 week
 training program with these first training companions.

We continued our training, as the assistants
taught, about security and legal questions, 
and Elder Sherwood, our financial secretary
taught about reimbursements and their mission
 credit card, their visa and pass ports and on and on. 
It is such important information, but the day is 
getting late, and they are saturated with information.
We know... but,  President taught a bit more.
It is a full, full day.

Here are the new missionaries ready to meet their trainers.

Trainers set to meet their new companions 

and..... they've met!

Here we go with the perfect matches..
Trainer Hermana Capellan 
with Hermana Nunez   

Trainer Hermana Hernandez with Hermana Marquez

Hermana Vega with trainer Hermana Osorio

Hermana Hernandez with trainer Hermana Garduno

Hermana White with trainer Hermana Hooper

Hermana Rojas with trainer Guerrero

trainer Elder Randall with Elder Taylor

                                Elder Acosta
                               with trainer Elder Flores

Trainer Elder Hernandez with Elder Rodriguez

Here we are!