The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another district activity contacting and finding!

We had an activity where we helped out our ward do their part
in the work of salvation. We had a table full of materials and another
table with water of orchata and water of Jamaica to give out
to the people passing by. We as missionaries made contacts
and the members as well were contacting as well.  

One boy who is around 10 years old gave out at least 5 copies
of the Book of Mormon. He afterwards told us that after
being rejected he said a prayer so that the hearts
of the people would be softened and then he got back to contacting.
It was an amazing experience for us all and the members
were able to see how they can do missionary work and they were
able to get more excited about sharing the gospel.