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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July Mission Council 7-4-17

July Mission Council today!!
We had a wonderful day together teaching and learning about the mighty prophet Joseph Smith and the latter day restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It has been a rich and spiritually powerful day for us.

It is always such an honor to have our pictures
taken on the steps of the Guadalajara Temple.

We began with a quick donut and chocolate milk treat.

A picture below of our mission leaders
before we got started.

President began by thanking Elder Contreras
our faithful assistant, for his outstanding
service to us.  This is his last mission council.
He will be returning home this next transfer.

President's teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
What did he do that other prophets have done?
 *He never gave up
      *His life was difficult
             *He had much opposition
*He was rejected

But... he completed his mission.

It was not easy for the prophet Joseph.  It will not be easy for us

*We must testify of the prophet Joseph.
*We cannot leave any lesson or message, without
testifying of Joseph Smith.

He restored 

Our message of Christ will be increased 
as we testify of His messenger.

I taught about our effective use of the Restoration 

I did a quick role play of how not to use 
the pamphlet...

We went through the pamphlet highlighting
the awesome material and resources that
are available to us.

Our Assistants Elder Torres and Elder Contreras
taught about our first missionary purpose, 
 teaching the Doctrine of Christ.

They had Elder Cabrera and Elder Castillo
help them with an object lesson 

Sister's breakout session.

President's closing remarks

We always testify of Jesus Christ,
but we must remember to testify of
His chosen Prophet.