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Sunday, July 16, 2017

What a wonderful night at the Temple! 7-15-17

Saturday evening (7-15-17) truly was a night to remember.  President Clayton has been working with the groups in both Jala and in Arandas to set aside an evening when we could do a Temple session together. Saturday was the night.

We had members, newly baptized members and youth who participated in the baptistery with President Clayton's counselor, President Castaneda and his wife and daughter.
Sister Josafina, who was baptized on July 2nd in Jala was able to participate for the first time doing baptisms for the dead in the Temple.

We had other members from these groups join us in an endowment session.  The highlight for us all was having Lucia Aguilar receive her own endowment that evening.  She has been a member of the church for one year and five days. She set her goal to be in the Temple a year after her baptism, and she was!
Additionally we were thrilled to have the missionaries who are serving in these areas join us for the evening.  It was precious to be together.
We took this picture before we went in.  Sister Vazquez and Lucia are not in this first picture.  They had gone in early as sister Vazquez was Lucia's escort.

We took several more pictures as we gathered
 together after the session. 

With just the sisters. 
(again, some are missing)
Sister Loza, Sister Vazquez, me
Sister Pichardo, Josafina and Lucia

a few more pictures

It really was such a beautiful evening together!