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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Church in Jala 7-2-17

We had such a sweet day today as we met with the saints in Jala.
Jala is a small pueblo in the northern central part of our mission.
Our Assistants Elder Contreras and Elder Torres divide their time between there and Tepic.
President established this Group over a year and a half ago.  Brother Pichardo is the group leader.
The group began with he and his wife and brother and sister Vazquez and their three children.
Today there were 36 in attendance.  The Elders had 10 investigators there, a family of seven from Ahuacatlan, and three folks from the neighboring pueblo Ixtlan del Rio.

We had a full house and were 12 chairs short.  President Clayton whispered to me that he will have extra chairs brought for this group before next Sunday.

President and Elder Torres standing by the portable font that was taped up in a few places.

(note, a new portable font is also being ordered)

Sweet Sister Josefina with Elder Contreras
She looked like such an angel standing there
prepared and ready to step into that cold water.

The group that came early to witness 
Josefina's baptism

A few more came in time for church

From my journal:
We have had an incredible experience this morning.
We were up early to go to Jala for an early morning baptism and church with this small group. It rained all night and it continued to be rainy and foggy as we drove.
This is the assistant's area and they have worked diligently, with the group leader, brother Pichardo and his wife, and the members here... and the Lord is greatly blessing them.

Their welcoming hearts befriend and include all who come.  They work together and stay connected in each others lives.  They take turns teaching, and giving talks, they make themselves available to go on divisions with the Elders when needed, they support and feed the Elders, they pick members up for church or take them home when needed.  Their Christlike efforts are bringing blessings indeed.
Today, there were 36 in attendance. There was a family from Ixtlan del Rio and Sister Josefina was baptized and confirmed, one of the families had just had a new baby, and the grandfather came today to give him a name and to bless him. Sister Lucia Aguilar is going to go to the Temple next weekend for her endowments, so President Clayton gave her her final interview after the meeting.

The sacrament was special today, as is always the case. The traffic was especially noisy, we could hear chickens continually clucking and a cat fight out back, but the warmth of the spirit of the Lord was with us in our meeting today. What an honor it was to worship with these sweet saints today.