The purpose of this blog is to highlight the beautiful city of Guadalajara; the faithful members, the valiant missionaries who serve here, as well as the people, culture, and food.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Interviews !

We are beginning our interview rotation. (6-28-17)
While President Clayton interviewed each missionary individually, I visited with the zone about our personal scripture study challenge of the Book of Mormon.  Each missionary was able to share an impression or a truth they have learned during their personal study;  a scripture they have pondered, or a verse that has popped out to them as they have read and studied over the past few weeks.  It was very tender to listen to the truths of the gospel that have been learned, and the testimonies that have been strengthened. I loved hearing how these missionaries have likened specific verses to their day, their life and their circumstances here in the mission.  Our time together was rich with enlightenment and encouragement to keep reading, keep pondering and listening to the voice of the spirit...and... to keep looking for ways to liken the scriptures to their personal life. I love these missionaries!

Colima zone with zone leaders
Elder Monroy and Elder Cabrera  6-28-17

Divisions in Colima
 President Clayton went on divisions 
with Elder De La Rosa and Elder Santiago

and I went with Sister Urbina and Sister Hernandez

What a sweet experience President Clayton 
and I had with these missionaries!

Guzman zone Interviews 6-29-17
with zone leaders Elder Ocampo and Elder Christensen

That afternoon, President Clayton went on divisions
with the ZL's Elder Christensen and Elder Ocampo

And I went on divisions with the STL's
Sister Lopez and Sister Cordova

Union Zone on 7-5-17
 with zone leaders Elder Acosta and Elder Martinez 

President Clayton went on divisions with 
Elder Sanchez and Elder Castillo 

I went on divisions with 
Sister Rojas and Sister Herman 

On the bus ride out to the sisters area.

Lomas zone 7-7-17 
with zone leaders Elder Montan and Elder Long 

President on divisions with 
Elder Dehesa and Elder Scolville

I went on divisions with 
Sister Andrade and Sister Arcaya 

Vallarta Interviews 7-10-17   
with zone leaders 
Elder Espinosa and Elder Jimenez
who, bless their hearts, waited for us this rainy
 morning with umbrellas outside the church building.  

Sunday afternoon, President went on divisions 
with Elder Shehee and Elder Padron 

And I went on divisions with 
Sister Velasquez and Sister Lyman

Reading and discussing 2 Nephi 31 
with this sweet family.

These two faithful sisters waiting for their bus
after we said goodbye. 

Nayarit zone (Santiago area) 7-11-17
with zone leaders Elder Rameriz and Elder Castillo 

That morning, as President and I passed the final check point
 coming into Santiago from Tepic, we saw Elder Martinez
and Elder Hudson standing there on the side
of the road, waiting for either the next bus or 
knowing we were coming that way...hoping 
we would see them on our way and bring them with us. 
We did!  

President Clayton on divisions with 
Elder Cluff  and Elder Koyle 

And I went on divisions with
Sister Lanuza and Sister Vazquez

We had such a sweet experience together!  
 As the sisters and I walked to our
 appointment that afternoon with Agustin, we each 
commented how we wished it would just rain! 
  It was an overcast and muggy day, and as we walked up Agustin's long
driveway, it started to come! We no sooner sat down, when it just started
to pour! It rained and rained and rained!  We visited with him 
 at his workshop. We had to move our chairs a time or two
to find our 'sweet spot' where none of us were getting 
dripped on.  It was a precious experience! 
These sisters taught a beautiful lesson. It will always be 
a memory for me sitting there in Agustin's workshop and listening
to him talk about the love he felt for his family and his
desire for them to want to hear this message with him.


Nayarit zone (Tepic area) 7-12-17
No sisters are serving here at this time.

These four fabulous Elders came with us
back to Guadalajara.  

We stopped for a bite of lunch

Lomas zone on 7-14-17 with
zone leaders Elder Torres and Elder Domingo

President Clayton went on divisions with
Elder Santos and Elder Gutierrez

And I went on divisions with 
Sister Arizmendi and Sister Villanueva


Trying to get a taxi 

With this sweet member who came on 
divisions with us.   

saying goodbye

And last but not least, the Manzanillo zone! 7-18-17
with zone leaders Elder Rodriguez and Elder Castro 
President greeting everyone. 

Later that afternoon, President Clayton went
on divisions with Elder Arguello and Elder Novak. 

And I went on divisions with 
Sister Rosado and Sister Villagran 

we love our missionaries!